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Ayurvedic Cataract Treatment

Dr. Mahender Kumar Gera 86% (87 ratings)
Ayurveda, Rewari  •  36 years experience
Ayurvedic Cataract Treatment

In Ayurveda this disease is called timira or linga nasha. Aggravated vata is considered to be responsible for the manifestation of this disease. One of the properties of vata is to make things dry up. When the lens of the eye loses its transparency, vision becomes blocked. This condition is known as a cataract.

If treated at an early stage, Ayurvedic treatment is very effective in cataract. During Ayurvedic treatment the aim is to alleviate the aggravated body energies and nourishing and strengthen the nerves and tissues of the eye.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • To correct aggravated vata, ghee is highly recommended in cataract, especially, maha triphala ghee. Maha triphala ghee provides nourishment and strengthens the nerves and other tissues of the eye ball. For a person suffering from cataract, it is of utmost importance that he remains free from constipation. Therefore, triphala is good in constipation as well as beneficial for eyesight.
  • Cow’s ghee, milk, butter, rice, wheat, moong dal, banana, methi, spinach, grapes, pomegranates, apples and oranges are recommended.
  • Cataract sufferers should avoid pungent, bitter, sour and saline food.
  • They should avoid excessive heat and exposure to sun.
  • Avoid excess worry, anxiety and anger because it aggravates vata and pitta doshas.
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