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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Asthma - How Unani Form Of Medicine Can Help?

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Dr. A Z KhanUnani Specialist • 19 Years Exp.Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery (B.U.M.S)
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Over the past few decades, asthma cases have significantly increased. Affecting people of all ages, asthma usually starts in childhood. It is a chronic disease that affects your airways which are responsible for carrying air in and out of your lungs. In asthma, the tubes in the airways become swollen and sore making the tubes sensitive and more susceptible to an allergic reactions. The reaction in the airways further results in narrowing the tubes limiting the supply of air to your lungs, hence, the breathing is labored.

Unani Treatment for Asthma 

Asthmatic patients might also find it hard to breathe and experience chest tightness, feelings of being suffocated, wheezing, sometimes fever, and cough. This condition has been affecting people for ages, long before the majority of treatment options become available. The condition can be effectively managed with the ancient traditional way of Unani medicine and below is a closer insight into the Unani medicine and how it can help in preventing asthma.

Natural Way to Treat Asthma With Unani Medicine

Often referred to as an Arabian or Islamic medicine, as it was once used by the Arabs and the Mughals in India, Unani medicine refers to the natural ways of treating a disease. Following a humoral theory of the presence of four 'humor' or the body's way of working in the body, which are Dum or blood, Balgham or phlegm, Safra or yellow bile and Sauda or the black bile, Unani medicine is offered depending on the presence of dominant humor in the body.

How Unani Medicine work on Asthma Problem

Rather than a single medicine, Unani medicine is more of therapy that focuses on diagnosing the disease, monitoring the body’s reaction to different things, and then treating the disease with natural medicines void of side effects. Considering diseases to be the natural processes of the body, Unani medicine aims to restore the balance between the body’s power to control the body’s reaction to the diseases.

Unani Medicine for Asthma Problem

Unani Medicine offers a complete cure to a medical condition and Asthma is one condition that most people seek Unani Medicine as an option for treatment. Offering regimental therapy, diet-therapy, and even pharmacotherapy, the Unani medicine ensures that the body regains its self-preservation power over the breathing problem called asthma.

While the detoxification method of this particular field of medicine helps in defending the body's mechanism against asthma, the Unani regulation of the quality and quantity of food helps in alleviating the symptoms of asthma. Also, the consumption of the natural drugs made from plants, animals, and minerals helps in dealing with asthma in the best way possible.

Two Effective Medicine for Asthma in Unani System

1. Take 5g from a mixture of Trachyspermum (Ajwain Seeds) 50g mixed with ginger
2. Consume 1g from a mixture of 10g of Abhal (Juniper Berry), 5g of Mahghz amaltas (Indian Laburnum), and Ginger

These Unani remedies are available in different forms, such as powder, syrup, tablets for asthma patients, etc.Unani medicine made for treating asthma works as per their temperament. Irrespective of whether the asthma patient is a child or a grown-up, Unani medicine not only treats asthma from its root but also helps the body to achieve its normal strong self again.

One may never know which might trigger such a state of breathlessness, as asthma responds to various factors, such as exposure to cold air or allergen in the air or even serious emotional stress. Therefore, knowing about the Unani medicines and keeping them handy can certainly help one overcome the troubled breathing that asthma causes. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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