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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Asthma - How to Treat it with Homeopathy?

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Dr. Roopesh SinghHomeopathy Doctor • 24 Years Exp.DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS
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Asthma is a medical condition, which is characterized by paroxysmal wheezing and respiration dyspnoea. Simply put, it is a condition where an affected person experiences difficulty in breathing. Breathing is labored and a wheezing sound is produced, especially during respiration.

Homeopathy is considered to be an efficient and natural treatment for asthma. There are different branches of homeopathy for dealing with different types of asthma. Here are the best homeopathic medicines for treating asthma and also the symptoms for which they are used.

  1. Ipecac: This homeopathic medicine is used in case of asthma, where the patient experience symptoms such as a heavy feeling and tension around the chest. Sudden wheezing, suffocated feeling that is aggravated by motion, cough leading to vomiting and gagging are other symptoms. The cough is usually constant, and the chest gets filled up with phlegm. Cold perspiration accompanies too. There may be a feeling of a lump being present in the chest. Increased salivation and nausea are also indicated.

  2. Arsenicum: Arsenicum is an effective medicine, which is especially used to treat asthma attacks that take place after midnight. The patient experiences restlessness and anxiety and cannot sleep because of fear of being suffocated. If the patient doses off, he wakes up with great burning pain and a sore feeling in the chest. The medicine is used in chronic stages of asthma, generally in aged patients, where the patient feels immensely suffocated, and heavy breathing is observed. It is used for treating the same symptoms for which Ipecac is used.

  3. Nux Vomica: This is an effective medicine that is used in cases of asthma where attacks are caused due to gastric disorders and in case of simple spasmodic asthma. Such attacks may occur to people who consume excess of caffeine or alcohol.  The patient experiences a constricting feeling in the lower chest region and the attacks especially occur in the morning.

  4. Kali Bichromicum: This homeopathic medicine is used for asthmatic patients where the potashes lead to asthma, and attacks occur between three to four in the morning. The patient is compelled to get up from sleep and sit in order to breathe. A stringy yellow mucus is produced. The patient may feel as if there is no air present in his chest.

Natrum Sulphuricum: This is an important homeopathic medicine used for treating asthma. The general symptoms of asthma, which are treated with this medicine worsen when the weather becomes damp. Moist asthma attacks are experienced with a rattling sensation in the chest. Bowel movement becomes loose following such an asthma attack. Alcohol and aerated drinks worsen the symptoms. Such attacks generally occur in the early morning, and a green mucus is produced. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.


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