Asthma And Pregnancy

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I am Dr. Sumit Wadhwa, Internal Medicine Specialist. Today I will tell you about asthma in pregnancy. It is a chronic disease of the lungs. It is commonly seen in young adults. Common symptoms are wheezing, noisy breathing, persistent cough and chest tightness.

Can pregnancy affect our asthma? In a few people, the problem is harder to control. In a few pregnant ladies, it becomes difficult for them in 29-30 weeks of pregnancy. If it is not controlled then it can lead to a lot of problems. Like morning sickness, bleeding, hypertension, pre-term labor. If the problem is controlled, the lady delivers a healthy baby. Inhalers are safe during pregnancy. Now the point is that the baby is likely to get asthma. Chances are very less.

Asthma medications include inhalers, tablets, and syrups. Some people control their symptoms quickly. Your Dr might recommend you to get your lung function tested. try to keep yourself healthy, stay away from house dust, plant and smoking. Brest feeding is also safe if a mother has asthma.

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