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Anal Bleeding - Common Reasons Behind It!

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Anal Bleeding - Common Reasons Behind It!

Anal bleeding is one of the most painful diseases that occur in most of the individuals. Bleeding is the indication of the presence of the colon in the human body. It is a result of a cut or if there is a tear in the lining of Anus or it can even be in the Anal opening. The persons who are having this problem will suffer very seriously from the pain in Anal at the same time there will be huge amounts of bleeding. The person who is having disease gets terrified by seeing the situation. Hence, as a first step, the patient will visit a reputed proctologist to solve the problem and get relieved from the pain and bleeding.

Symptoms of Anal Bleeding
The first and the foremost symptoms of anal bleeding is the severe pain in the anal, which is unbearable by most of the individuals. At the same time individual also gets bleeding in the Anal which causes more tension that even leads to the depression. These are the most common symptoms that help in recognizing the disease.

Reasons for the Anal Bleeding
Anal bleeding is caused due to several reasons, and it may vary from one individual to the others. Though there are several reasons, some of them will be common in all the individuals. The most popular reasons for the Anal Bleeding are as mentioned below:

The entire above are the most common reasons, may not all be the reasons for the Anal bleeding but at least one from the list.

Indications of the anal bleeding through appearance?
Most of the individuals suffer from the Anal bleeding, but they feel shy to express it even at the Proctology specialist. The causes of Anal bleeding can be identified by the appearance of color in the blood. Below we mention about the nature of bleeding through its appearance:

  • Scarlet color indicates Hemorrhoids or Anal fissure presence.
  • Red color blood suggests a malignant tumor or polyps in the colon.
  • Dark color blood clots mean Diverticulosis
  • Black color bleeding indicates Gastric Pathologies and Duodenum.

Treatment of Anal bleeding by a proctologist
The best thing is to visit the proctologist so that they give the treatment depending upon the severity of the disease. The treatment can be from using of ointments in case of hemorrhoids or even laser treatments. Proctologists even suggest Hirudotherapy for some of the patients which depend on the condition of the individual. In some of the cases, even anti-inflammatory drugs will be suggested by the individuals to treat the disease. In case of Intestinal polyps, Diverticulitis treatment is used so as to remove benign tumors from the rectum, so as to prevent malignant tumor in the individuals. In any condition, the most important thing is to visit a proctologist and take correct treatment, before it leads to worst situations.

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