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A Healthy Liver Keeps Your Brain Healthy!

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A Healthy Liver Keeps Your Brain Healthy!

Did you know that there is a link between your liver and your brain? Your brain health has a lot to do with your liver. It is not as far-fetched as you might think. Scientists have only recently begun to understand the relationship. Several surveys and experiments have found that to keep your brain healthy, your liver must also be healthy. Read on to know more.

Liver and Hepatic Encephalopathy

Hepatic encephalopathy is a brain disordered marked by a decline in the functions of the brain such as-

  • Forgetfulness 

  • Difficulty in concentrating 

  • Inability to make the proper judgement 

  • Incoordination of hands and eyes 

  • Changes in personality 

  • Lethargy 

  • Trembling hands 

  • Slowing down of movement

  • Slurred speech 

So what causes hepatic encephalopathy?
Accumulation of toxins is behind it. Your liver is tasked with cleaning up your blood by removing the toxins that are produced by your cells and dumped into your blood. But if your liver is ailing, then it will not be able to cleanse your blood and toxins such as ammonia will build up. These toxins will be carried to your brain by your blood and affect its functions. This is how hepatic encephalitis sets in. 

Studies on rats have also found that the liver not functioning at its peak might even lead to Alzheimer's Disease. The researchers concluded that if liver illnesses are not treated at the right time, brain degeneration is highly likely. 

How to prevent liver problems through Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has an answer to all of your health woes and its approach is completely nature-based and leaves no unpleasant side-effects. This branch of medical science has thoroughly studied the liver as well. Pitta dosha can cause liver problems and in effect damage the brain as well. So the goal of Ayurveda is to contain this dosha or pacify it. If you want to know more about how Ayurveda can help keep your liver healthy, please take suggestion from an Ayurvedic liver specialist, especially if you have contracted any liver ailments such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Autoimmune Hepatitis or Cirrhosis of the liver.

Keeping your liver healthy is easy. Not only does this organ perform many vital functions, but it also keeps your brain healthy. So, that should give you added impetus to look after your liver.

Though there are ways in Ayurveda to treat Liver Diseases and keep liver healthy, it is always advisable to consult an ayurvedic liver specialist before opting for any medicine or remedy.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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