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85% Indians are Making These DIET Mistakes

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M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition, B.Sc - Home Science
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Jaipur  •  13years experience
85% Indians are Making These DIET Mistakes

Mistakes that sabotage a good diet

Eating healthy, eating clean can sometimes be very confusing. With more and more new information coming up every day, one cannot comprehend what is healthy and what not. However, if you understand a few mistakes that can literally sabotage your good diet, you can surely be assured of eating healthy and clean.

1. You can be wrong with juices

Everyone thinks a glass of orange juice or any other fruit juice can do wonders for your health. But the truth is that you will be better off eating the whole fruit rather than the juice.

Why? for the simple reason, that juices lack the fiber content found in fruits. The fibers slow down the digestion of sugar in the fruit whereas their absence in the juice causes the blood sugar to spike and results in insulin resistance.

Besides, packaged juices contain hardly any real fruit, all flavoring and concentrate apart from added sugar, a big wrong in eating clean.

2. Drinking your protein? na! that can be wrong too!

People like bodybuilders, gym goers drink a lot of protein shakes to get their proteins supplemented. However, protein shakes are ok for those who are on the go or for replacing meals sometimes but they cannot be altogether substituted for protein intake.

Your protein must come from your food. Meat, fish, pulses, eggs and dairy cannot be replaced by shakes since you will definitely miss out the nutritional value that whole foods provide.

Besides, protein shakes may have a lot of artificial constituents and refined sugar that can be really bad for you.

3. Can't understand food labels properly? a great mistake!

With more and more people working, many on the move, packaged food cannot be altogether avoided. However, one must make sure to read and understand the food labels.

The food labels reveal what is inside the package. Anything that has the label - organic, raw or gluten-free is not surely healthy. One must know about ingredients especially things like msg, aspartame (artificial sweeteners) etc. That can be really unhealthy.

4. Sugar may be hidden somewhere

Calorie-conscious? avoiding sweets?

Well, even though you are very careful about selecting what you eat and avoid anything that tastes sweet, some sugar may still be hiding in your food increasing your calorie intake, without you knowing about it. Foods like tomato ketchup, pasta sauce, low-fat biscuits/crackers or low-fat dairy products, sandwich bread may all be hiding sugar almost equivalent to that present in a piece of cake. You must learn about hidden sugars and its alternatives to truly understand what you are eating.

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