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5 psychological issues that can cause impotence

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5 psychological issues that can cause impotence

5 psychological issues that can cause impotence

In some cases of erectile dysfunction, men are totally unable to get an erection while in others they have trouble a sad man sitting on the street maintaining it for a longer span of time.

Though there can be a lot of physical reasons for ed, but there are some common psychological reasons too, which with professional help can easily be treated.

The inability to perform in bed can be shattering for the self-confidence of both the man and his partner.

Here are few of the common emotional reasons of impotence.

1. Stress

Stress can affect your performance in bed. Getting too overwhelmed by the pressure of your responsibilities at home or at work can make it difficult for you to relax and get into the mood for sex.

Stress caused by fear or worry can leave you with a feeling of uneasiness, making it difficult for you to get an erection.

2. Anxiety

Once a man experiences erectile dysfunction, he tends to get overly anxious that he won't be able to perform in bed again.

It raises the feelings of self-consciousness during sexual intercourse making it even more difficult to get an erection.

This feeling of anxiety can also be because of many other reasons like relationship problems, past sexual abuse, lack of sexual knowledge or even being in a new relationship.

All these can contribute to the lack of performance in sexual intercourse.

3. Depression

The feeling of extreme sadness due to any possible reason like a bad relationship, a bad career or even a past trauma can result in ed in many men.

Depression leads to more fatigue and tiredness, which lowers your libido.

Even the drugs used to treat depression may lower your sex drive and make it harder to get an erection.

4. Low self-esteem

A negative self-image can lead to performance anxiety and make you worry about how you are going to perform in bed.

Low self-esteem can be a result of anything related to your body image, your past experiences or even an underlying feeling of guilt.

5. Lack of interest

Low libido can dampen your interest in sex and also result in ed.

Loss of interest in sex can be due to anything related to relationship problems, a result of medication or even progressing age.

Other factors like anger or anxiety also contribute to the loss of interest in sex.

These emotional issues can affect your physical ability to get or maintain an erection. Before it becomes a source of distress for you and your partner you should consider seeking medical advice and treatment, so you can uncover the problems which need to be dealt with in order to enjoy physical and emotional intimacy

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