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5 Full-Proof Methods To Prevent Bladder Stones!

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5 Full-Proof Methods To Prevent Bladder Stones!

Bladder stones, not to be confused with kidney stones, are formed when substances such as calcium oxalate found in urine coalesce into solid lumps and form deposits in the bladder. Though usually small enough to be excreted during urination, sometimes they get trapped in the neck of the bladder. In such cases, as the residues continue to grow larger, they cause extreme pain, infections, and may need surgical attention.

What causes bladder stones?
The most common causes of bladder stones are-

  1. A diet which is high in oxalic acid can cause bladder stones.
  2. Dehydration and a reduced intake of water cause bladder stones.
  3. A protracted use of a urinary catheter, infections of the urinary tract, or an injury that might have impaired bladder function can cause stones to form.
  4. Most often, stones originate somewhere else in the urinary tract and move downwards obstructing the neck of the bladder. There are significant hereditary factors at play here.


  1. Blood in the urine usually apparent only in the last few drops.
  2. Interruption of the stream of urine and an inability to do so except in certain positions.
  3. Dark-coloured urine.


1.Physical Exam
The physician will physically examine to evaluate if the bladder or the rectum are enlarged.

A sample of your urine will be tested for the presence of bacteria, blood and crystallized minerals.

3.CT scan
A CT scan to build a detailed image of the internal organs.


  1. If the size of the bladder stones is small then a simple increase in water and fluid intake should be enough to excrete them out naturally.
  2. If they are too large to flush out from the system naturally, they will either be broken down to smaller sizes using laser ray or similar other energies, or surgically removed.

In order to prevent bladder stones from recurring, here are 5 foolproof methods-

1.Increase the daily fluid intake
A sure-fire way to prevent bladder stones is to increase the amount of water you drink every day. The idea is to reduce the concentration of your urine. A minimum of 2-3 litres of water per day is absolutely necessary.

2.Urinate more often.
If you drink more water throughout the day, you are going to have to urinate more frequently anyway. Do not put it off because you are worried that you will be mocked for having an old lady’s bladder.

If you feel like you are constipated, use a laxative. There is no shame in wanting to regulate your bowel movements.

4.Regular Tests.
Get a sample of your urine tested regularly to ensure that your kidneys and bladder are functioning properly and there are no irregularities.

5.Eat fruits.
Get the essential sugar component of your diet from fresh fruits. Say no to saturated sugar and fizzy drinks. Opt for fruits with high water content like melons to add more fluids in your diet.

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