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X-Ray KUB Plain Test

X-Ray KUB Plain Test

The KUB X-ray stands for a detailed X-ray of the three vital organs of human body - Kidney, Ureter and Bladder. The X- ray enables the doctor to examine these three organs of your urinary and gastrointestinal systems. This test depicts the relative size, formation and position of these organs, and detects the abnormalities or complications in the system, if any. KUB X-ray is generally recommended when a doctor is unable to diagnose the cause of a reported abdominal pain.

The preparations for a KUB X-ray are barely minimal. You will have to change into a clinical gown/robe before the procedure. You will be asked to remove jewellery and other wearables which may obstruct the radioactive rays. The X- ray technician will initialize the setup for the X-ray, and you will be asked to position your body in a certain way, which is favorable for proper depiction of the organs. A lead apron may be, put over the rest of your body.

The primary use of the KUB X-ray is to identify the source of acute abdominal pain, when the doctor is not able to
diagnose it otherwise. People with symptoms of stone in these organs (Kidneys and Bladder) are also recommended for
this X-ray. In other cases, a person reporting to have swallowed a foreign object may also be a candidate for this X-ray, to
find out if that foreign matter is still present in the body.
Other gastrointestinal ailments that may be detected through the procedure:
• an intestinal blockage
• foreign objects in the stomach
• certain tumors

You will be asked to stay in a certain posture while the X-ray images are being taken. Depending upon the requirements of the X-ray, your technician may ask you to be in multiple positions, while the X-ray machine is being directed in that direction. Multiple images in the same position may also be taken to ensure clarity.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.300 to Rs.700 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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