5 Foods for Oily Skin That You Should Start Eating!

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5 Foods for Oily Skin That You Should Start Eating!

An oily skin has a host of disadvantages. Apart from making a person look greasy and slimy, it also has major influences on the health of your skin. If you were not aware and thought of oily skin as an awkward condition only you should take a deeper look into its causal effects. Excess oil secretion can make you prone to sun tanning. It can lead to the formation of acne and can also result in upsetting dark patches.

Kinds of food to eat to rule out the ills of an oily skin: 

  1. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet: Antioxidants can successfully fight off oily skin. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin C; they are known to reduce the effects of oxidants your skin regularly comes in contact with. Eat spinach and kale as much as you can. A green leafy vegetable should be part of your daily meal. 
  2. Salmon can act as a savior: Everybody knows how oily salmon is. However, it is very valuable in treating an oily skin. Salmon is known to have a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids keep sebum producing molecules on a leash. Thus, excess oil secretion can be controlled by consuming more of this nutritious fish.
  3. Nuts can combat an oily skin: Having nuts with honey or yogurt or having them directly can treat the ills of greasiness. Nuts are a great source of Vitamin E that is further known to repair an irregular skin. Increased oil secretion is likely to result in acne; acne appears due to breakage of cell membranes. Vitamin E adds strength to your cell walls thus taking care of ugly scars.
  4. Cucumbers can help your case: Consuming cucumbers raw can be of enormous use. They hydrate the skin by ridding you of excess oil. Antioxidants in cucumbers have the effects of an astringent. They however do not interfere with the functions of essential oils. Have a cucumber on a daily basis to find the way to a glowing skin.
  5. Enjoy the benefits of grapefruit: The reason behind an oily skin could be the crushing presence of toxins. Grapefruit, rich in Vitamin C, deals with these toxins. Grapefruit contains fiber that is also good for controlling oil secretion. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to questions!
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