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Why Do We Feel Pain?

Dr. Mukesh Vyas 90% (617 ratings)
Physiotherapist, Pune  •  12 years experience
Why Do We Feel Pain?

Myth 1: pain is always caused by an underlying tissue damage


Fact 1: There need not be a tissue damage for pain to occur. In majority of the cases mere postural deviations, muscle tightness, inadequate joint range and reduced neural mobility, decreased soft tissue (fascia) flexibility can cause pain.


Myth 2: Degenerative changes in the joint (as seen in the x-ray and mri) is the primary cause of pain.


Fact 2: Movement dysfunctions like loss of the intrinsic joint play movements and adverse neural tension cause most of the pain, rather than degeneration.


Myth 3: Pain should not be treated based on radiological (x-ray, mri) reports.


Fact 3: Pain should be treated based on patient history and physical assessment. Radiological or laboratory investigations should be used only to rule out any potential red flag (harmful) pathologies. Ex; tuberculosisspine, inflammatory arthropathy, fracture, dislocation etc.


Myth 4: Treatment should be given exactly in the area of pain.


Fact 4:  In most instances the cause of pain is present in an area distant to the site of actual pain and hence the treatment should focus on removing the cause of pain rather than alleviating the symptoms in the area of pain. Ex: most of the knee pain is caused by a dysfunction in low back (lumbar) and hip (pelvis) regions.


Myth 5: The painful joint should not be moved and weight should not be transferred through the joint.


Fact 5.  Normal movement within the painless range is mandatory for the recovery and graded protective loading of the affected structures is vital for the re- modeling of the collagen in the soft tissues and functional recovery.


Myth 6: Pain is a disease and hence it should be treated. 


Fact6:  Pain is only a symptom of an underlying disease or a dysfunction and hence when the cause of pain is treated pain vanishes by itself.

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