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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Whom Should You See For Your Back Pain?

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Dr. Lokesh Kumar SharmaOrthopedic Doctor • 27 Years Exp.MBBS, D - Ortho, DNB - Orthopaedic Surgery, MNAMS, Fellowship Advanced Spine Surgery, Fellowship Disc Replacement Surgery, Visiting Spine Fellowship, Visiting Fellowship Spine Deformity Correction, Felloship Minimal Inavsive Spine Surgery
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Back pain is a very common and largely uncomfortable symptom of daily life. It affects a lot of people, and the cause can vary from neurological to orthopaedic. The related problems that back pain can cause include pain along your spine extending to your other muscles, impairment of movement, or difficulty carrying about daily tasks like walking or lifting objects.

The causes of each type of back pain are different, and there are different Orthopedic Doctor you should see for each of these. The common types are:

• If you have pain that seems to travel outward from your back to your legs and maybe even your arms, you may have a slipped disc. This disease is not too infrequent, especially among older people. It is caused when a vertebra leaves its rightful anatomical place and settles somewhere else impairing normal bodily functions. Since this is a disorder of both the spine and the skeletal system, you can see either a spine specialist or an orthopedic for a remedy.

• If you have a persistent pain in your buttocks or your legs that do not go away even after persistent effort, and if you get slight relief every time you lean your whole body forward, you may have spinal stenosis. It is the constricting of the spinal canal at the base, which causes severe pain and discomfort. This condition may be caused by either age or genetic factors and is an ailment of the spine. Therefore, you should visit a spine surgeon for a cure.

• If you have pain that originates in the buttocks but has spread to the whole leg in such proportions that normal walking and standing have become difficult, you may have sciatica. This is a nerve disorder wherein a herniated disc puts pressure on a nerve until there is persistent pain surrounding the nerve. This condition is a nerve problem, and hence visiting a neurologist will offer the perfect solution.

Leg pain has become an indispensable part of the daily millennial's life, thanks to sedentary lifestyles and poor ergonomics. If left untreated, it can give rise to such chronic pain that you may become permanently unable to stand up. Therefore, you need to visit a doctor as soon as symptoms show. Watch out for the symptoms above and visit a specialist accordingly.


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