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What Is a Tooth- Selfie?

Dr. Srinivas Nalla 88% (53 ratings)
MDS - Orthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Hyderabad  •  22 years experience
What Is a Tooth- Selfie?


  • This is used to capture images of the teeth, which are then displayed on a large monitor or computer screen.

What is it's purpose?

  • Sometimes you think your teeth are perfectly fine, and all you need is a cleaning. But there might be a tooth that is positioned completely behind in the jaw, and decayed and not visible to your eye. Ouch !
  • You might be completely unaware that your teeth has turned black due to decay, or has accumulated stains and tartar on the back of tooth surface due to excessive coffee, tea or smoking that requires cleaning, or swelling and pus in the gum, or an fractured cusp.

OH! So what?

  • These teeth that are causing hidden troubles are photographed for you using this pen like device and projected on screen ,and the dentist explains to you what exact treatment you need to undergo and why.

Isn't it always good, to be aware of every process that you undergo and understand why you need a particular treatment?

It's proven fact that anxiety decreases when the patient is more mentally prepared for the procedure.

This new technological advancement is patient friendly and highly self explanatory in nature

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