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Vitiligo - The Ayurvedic Way Of Treating It!

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Vitiligo - The Ayurvedic Way Of Treating It!

Leukoderma or Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder, that destroys the melanocytes in the skin. The melanocyte is responsible for making pigment. There could be patches that crop up the inner layer of the eyeball, and tissues inside the nose and the mouth. Vitiligo affected hair sometimes turn white. There is no clear evidence for the causes of vitiligo., Most experts are of the view that vitiligo is an autoimmune disease - a type of disease where the immune system, fails to detect its own organs and behave like an outsider by attacking it.

Causes of vitiligo
Ayurveda states that the reason for autoimmune disease is the result of eating habits that are very opposite in nature- for instance eating milk and fish together. It results in the formation of toxins in the body and goes on to disturbs the immune system. As a result of this, the melanocytes that produce the pigment in the body quickly degenerates and results in Vitiligo. It is also associated with certain other conditions such as thyroid, pernicious anemia, psoriasis, diabetes etc. Some of the common symptoms of this condition include white patches on various parts of the skin, color loss inside the mouth and premature greying of hair in various parts of the body.

Ayurveda treatment for Vitiligo
Ayurveda believes that ivtiligo is caused due to the aggravation of harmful toxins in the body. Pitta in ayurveda symbolizes fire in the body. There are five different types of pitta and, one of these pittas is known as Bhrajak Pitta. The latter is responsible for giving coloration to the skin. In case this pitta gets imbalanced, it leads to the formation of ama (toxins) in the body. The toxin can get deeper and affect the lymph, blood, nutrient plasma, muscles leading to the depigmentation of the skin. Ayurveda believes that vitiligo is a deep-rooted, disease and can be only cured by the right diet and specialized herbal consumption.

Dietary requirement of Ayurveda:

  1. Processed and refined carbohydrate such as pasta, should be replaced with whole grains and whole wheat products.
  2. To ensure that antigenic activities do not take place and autoimmune disease is curtailed, it is necessary to forego non-veg food items such as red meat, fish and eggs.. Dairy products and milk should be avoided as well.
  3. Consumption of sour foods such as strawberries, lemon, yogurt and pickles should be eschewed.
  4. One should refrain from flavored and alcoholic beverages. Food items such as chocolates, ice cream processed and junk food should be avoided totally.
  5. It is essential to have a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
  6. Consumption of neem leaves also goes a long way in curing this pigmentation condition.

Exposure to fresh air and sunlight are important, to prevent pigmentation disorders. Our body produces vitamin D, when we get enough sunlight. This protect us from contracting many skin diseases.

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