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Urinary Incontinence - Common Causes & Treatment

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Dr.Punnam Gupta 88% (174ratings)
BPTh/BPT; certificate in sports medicine, PGCR, Diploma in Sports Medicine
Physiotherapist, Delhi  •  31years experience
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I am Dr. Punnam Gupta.

Today I will explain about incontinence of urine. Basically Incontinence, what is incontinence of urine? You can’t control your urine, that is called incontinence of urine. Basically urine, urinary muscles are whatever muscles is there that is actually work in vaulterily, than we need to control it. There is stress in incontinence, over loaded bladder and infectious diseases. Stress in incontinence is basically person with stress. Any kind of stress can be there. That is called incontinence stress, of urine. In person who is in stress, like any kind of stress, you can say, he has to go to toilet but he doesn’t get the right place to go. That is also stress. And person who is working, long hour working, they have, don’t have time to go there if he cured the urinary bladder then that is also incontinence, stress in urinary. In fact this is the very common in the young generation, who is working in the multinational companies and all, but sometimes it’s a disease but the disease is neuropathy disease hogya. And then diabetes, high blood pressure and any cardiac and third is overloaded bladder. Always bladder full, you, person keeps always full bladder because all the time he is on work or any kind of thinking, that is also called overloaded, overloaded bladder and it’s also incontinence of urine. And second is infectious bladder, infectious bladder can’t control the urine. Second is age factor. Age factor is also very important because after 60s or 50s or menopause bladder, female organ become very loose and weak that can’t control the urine. Then we have, we have, we can rehabilitate the person if, you know about the what is incontinence and it is treatable and manageable. You can rehabilitate your urinary bladder that is called kegel exercises you can improve your urinary bladder with the kegel exercises, but everybody says kegel exercises, kegal exercises, everybody do kegel exercises but you need to learn the right way of kegel exercises that for that you have to consult the physiotherapist to learn all this things and a part of this, some people have perhaps to uterus that is also, is incontinence, cause of incontinence of the urine. So for these things you need to know how you improve these things, so have to do bit of exercises and reduce your stress. Improve your lifestyle, and exercise should important for the person who has these kind of problem. And then you, if you know, if you have in, if you have doubt about key I have these kind of symptoms then you need to consult physiotherapist or you can make a urinary diary, so that we can check out with the urinary diary you will get the book from Google, you will get download this diary and try to fill that, follow that procedure, how to fill that diary and if you feel k there is some symptoms which is match with me, you must consult the physiotherapist who work with the pelvic floor muscles, and it is treatable if you are a person is above 60, that time I can say it’s a very difficult to improve the muscles power but, I can say that you can rehabilitate yourself, you can manage yourself.

So you must consult to physio who works with the pelvic floor exercises, pelvic floor anatomy and everything. If you need any consultation you can contact to the Lybrate.

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