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Last Updated: Aug 08, 2023

Unconsummated Marriage

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Dr. Hitesh ShahSexologist • 34 Years Exp.BHMS

Hi friends!

I am Dr Hitesh Shah from Mumbai, Sex Educationist, Counselor therapist homeopath Wellness Consultant and corporate stress management expert.

So today's topic is non consummation of marriage or unconsummated marriages. Surprisingly many couples face this difficulty they had married yet they had virgin, means they cannot do penovaginal penetrative intercourse, surprise right. Well so we see lot of couples in fact in my field I am know as a super specialist to treat such couples who cannot consummate their marriages. To put in right perspective let me tell you there are so many categories under which different couple can fall into further reasons for unconsummated marriages- male factors, female factors, position posture and movement factors to name of few and the most prominent once. The common malefactors which can lead to non consummation are males inability to achieve or sustain a good erection number-1, number-2 to severe premature ejaculation where during foreplay itself the men tend to climates, number-3 severe phimosis and having painful attempt at intercourse these are the common malefactors, of course, some males are having very low sexual desires as well for some other reasons. So these are all common malefactors, of course male also pass lot of performance anxiety pressure or they tend to lose erection when they wear condom or take the position, so these are common malefactors. Coming to common female factors lot of females may not have sexual desires, there are female who have problem with lubrication, the lubrication disorder, then there are women who have severe phobia the penetration phobia with or without vaginismus, vaginismus is a painful or non painful contractions, involuntary contraction or spasm of vaginal walls when the husband is trying to do intercourse. So that it closes and husband cannot penetrate inside. Also there are issues like small opening, vaginal opening small interior or narrow or stiff or tough hymn or stiff vagina so these are the common female factors and there are various position factors lot of couples face difficulty in adopting the right posters in different position they try or even after adopting the right posture they don't know how to do the thrusting movement how to enter first and then do the thrusting moment. So we evaluate all these three categories in thorough detail this is a couples issues, often couple comes, is its husband problem or a wife problem but we assure them as a individual you both are normal, but the problem is coming in having a sexual union as a couple. So let's evaluate as a couple and come out of the blame game. Often non consummation of marriage leads to misunderstanding blame game, you know calling each other impotent or frigid and then things escalate into family and social tension even up to divorce. But if they come at the right time to the doctor things can be sorted out, often couple tend to live a very compromise life without sex. They go for even conceiving with IUI or IVF but without having intercourse they have children also but never had intercourse. So couple did not live such a compromise marriages and sex life, they can come and find out the solution. Unless one of them has a same sex orientation or is not interested in marriage due to another love affair or anything, or is having psychiatric illness, or some chronic illness, all these cases can be solved 100% that is kind of assured to every couple. And once we evaluate all the three categories and thus we pinpoint the specific factor in each given case, then we plan out the whole management. It is matter of time it can take one week, or one month, but couple soon start there complete sex life with penetrative intercourse in a very pleasurable way without any anxiety, tension, , depression, stress and they start living there fulfilling marriage life. So there is a complete solution for unconsummated marriage, don't feel shy, don't feel afraid things can be sorted out hundred percent absolutely with medical way, without surgery and proper guidance.

So you are welcome for any problem for any point of time. I am Dr Hitesh Shah in Mumbai you can contact me through Lybrate and get rid of your problem.