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Treatment Of Bronchial Asthma!

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Treatment Of Bronchial Asthma!

In this article, we will explain importance of miasmatc study in treating bronchial asthma

Why best homeopathic treatment for allergic asthma fails?

Importance of miasmatc study in treating bronchial asthma. Treating cases of allergic asthma without understanding miasmatic condition is difficult for a number of homoeopaths. Curing allergic asthma require persistence, uphill struggle, and passion to recognize and take care of such patients. As per Dr. Abhishek, physician must have a comprehensive understanding of miasmatic conditions of the asthmatic patient in conjunction with the maintaining and exciting causes. Maintaining and exciting causes help us to select similimum, and comprehensive understanding of miasmatic conditions helps in elimination of the main obstruction to the cure of asthma, correct potency selection, medicine doses and repitition, disease prognosis, and assessment of homeopathic medicine effect. 

Few important guidelines to recognize the miasm.

Psoric miasm:- hypersensitivity, inflammation and irritation.

History of skin disease suppression and commencement of asthma. 


Patient will complains of more spasms and less secretions

Abrupt breath holding spasms

Scanty, mucoid, clourless, tasteless and odourless expectoration 

Exciting factor – asthmatic attack is elicit by psychological and emotional influx.

Modalities- better from (a) reappearance of skin eruptions

Pseudo-psora – suppuration

2. Sycotic miasm:- over growth, indurations and infiltrations.

Past history, discharges from mucus membranes suppression. 


Asthma, with cough, scanty secretions, intricate expectoration 

Thick yellowish-green expectoration.

Cannot breathe easily through his nose.

Exciting factors- (a) getting wet in rain (b) rainy period 

Modalities- condition improved in dry climate and from restoration of discharge. 

3. Tubercular miasm:- history of recurring uri-upper respiratory infections

Cough with excessive expectoration

Expectoration is purulent, muco-purulent or even bloody

Exciting factors

Infections usually bacterial or viral

Cold air, exprosure to cold 

Modalities- improved at day time, exposure to sun. 

4. Importance of:- ulceration, granulation and degeneration.

When irreparable change had take place in the lungs parenchyma. Example emphysematous changes in lungs

Symptoms- barking cough.

*Important tip

Even the best selected homeopathic medicine will fail to cure, if patient don’t avoid exciting and maintaining cause.

Bronchial asthma homeopathy treatment

Lectures on homoeopathy materia medica indicate the shortcoming of prescribing homeopathic medicine effortlessly on the basis of symptoms totality without understanding miasmatic back ground.

" asthma, when it is hereditary, is one of the sycotic diseases of hahnemann. For years I was puzzled with the management of asthma. When a person came to me and asked" doctor can you cure asthma" I would say" no" but now I am quite liberal on asthma, since I have learned that asthma is a sycotic disease, and since I am able to treat or cure large number of asthamatic patients after I have made well judged appliance of anti-sycotics homeopathic medicine. That is one of the first things I observed, that outside of sycotics you will seldom find a cure for asthma.

We further talk about shortcoming of prescribing homeopathic medicine effortlessly on the basis of symptoms totality without understanding miasmatic back ground.

" while ipecac, spongia, and arsenicum will correspond just as clearly to the supervening symptoms and to everything that you can find about the case, yet what do they do? they palliate; they repress the symptoms; but your asthma is no better off, your patient is not cured" 

From above speech marks it is obvious that Dr. Kent strictly follow Dr. Hahnemann's experience and work inaccordance to the hypothesis of anti-miasmic remedy. Dr. Kent further he also evidently express that using the totality of symptoms without understanding deep consept of miasms can lead to sheer suppression or palliation of the disease. 

Doctor give emphasis on the better understanding of fundamental cause along with totality of symptoms, in aphorism no-5 of bible of homeopathy-organon. 

" useful to the physician in assisting him to cure are the particulars of the most probable exciting cause of the acute disease as well as the most significant finding during casetaking (chronic disease history), to helps physician to find its fundamental cause, i. E chronic miasm. In these investigation, the corporal constitution of the patient, his ethical and logical character, his profession, mode of livelihood and lifestyle, his social and domestic relations, his age, sexual function, etc, are to be taken into consideration. 

Therefore it is utterly essential for a homoeopathic doctor to identify the exciting factor of allergic asthma, the allergic trigger and primary fundamental cause of allergic asthma. Hence finding the chronic miasms is very important. An acquired allergic asthma as a rule is psoric in origin and genetic asthma is sycotic in origin. The acute worsening of the chronic state of asthna are hidden within the constitution and occur due to exciting factors.

Few important tips for alergic asthma patient:-

Asthma— lifestyle and diet

1. Eat well balanced diet, take freshly prepared, light, nourishing foods.

2. Do not overload your stomach.

3. Avoid long intervals between meals

4. Do not drink milk at night 

5. Avoid preservatives and packed food 

6. Take dinner two hour prior going to sleep 

7. Avoid the allergen you are allergic to

8. Avoid sudden temperature changes

9. Quit smoking and avoid smokers

10. Avoid keeping pets in the house 

11. Regular light cardio exercise like yoga, brisk walk or jogging. Avoid heavy exercise as that can precipitate asthma attack

12. Do breathing exercises so as to improve lung capacity. Eg yoga -pranayam exercise.

13. Do stress relieving meditation exercises or yoga to reduce the psychological factors related to asthma

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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