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Treating Hair Loss With Homeopathy

Dr. Inderjeet Nanda 92% (91 ratings)
Homeopath, Dehradun  •  31 years experience
Treating Hair Loss With Homeopathy

Hair loss is something which is pretty difficult and embarrassing to go through, is it not? So rather than going for new-fangled treatments which may or may not work, would it not be a better idea to resort to homeopathy, which has a track record that speaks for itself?

Hair loss has been treated by homeopathy quite successfully, to say the least. In order to understand how homeopathy can help hair loss, it is important to understand the hair growth cycle in a proper manner, to start with. The cycle consists of three phases, namely the anagen, the catagen and the telogen phases. During the first phase, that lasts anywhere between two to seven years, the hair begins to grow. It is immediately succeeded by the catagen phase, which can last 10 days to a fortnight. What is interesting is that during this phase, the blood supply to the person’s hair stops and the hair dies.

Then, over the course of the telogen phase, which is about two to three months long, the hair ‘rests’. What is fascinating about the process is that every single hair will undergo this, independent of the other hair. The problem of hair loss is when there is a lower amount of hair in the anagen phase, as compared to the other phases.

The medicine which is provided by homeopathy to deal with hair loss depends on the case of hair loss. This can be said to be especially true, due to the fact that homeopathy is something which is very contextual i.e. dependent from person to person.

Anaemia can be one of the reasons for a person losing hair. It’s a condition in which there is not enough iron in the body. If this is the case, the homeopathic medicine which is likely to be prescribed is Borax. However, there are others such as Cinchona Officinalis and Calcarea Phosphorica which are just as good, and may be prescribed by the doctor instead.

Sometimes, when a person experiences hair fall, it occurs only in patches and this case is medically known as alopecia areata. Fluoricum acidum may be made use of, but that is only if the patient is a person who has a short temper. Is homeopathy not fascinating? Phosphorus is not only a chemical compound which is popular in fireworks but in a certain form, it is also a pretty good cure for hair loss!

When the entire scalp loses hair, Lycopodium clavatum is the go to homeopathic medicine generally, though Sulphur may also be used.

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