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Tips To Deal With Female Orgasmic Disorders!

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Tips To Deal With Female Orgasmic Disorders!

A sexual disorder that is more common in women than men is the orgasmic disorder also called anorgasmia. When a woman is unable to achieve orgasm despite being sexually aroused and stimulated, either during intercourse or masturbation, the condition is known as female orgasmic dysfunction. Known to affect 11-41% of the sexually active women population, the disorder can occur due to several reasons. The treatment of this disorder depends on its cause. The common tips to deal with female orgasmic disorders are as follows:

  1. Hormonal Therapy: Doctors often recommend hormonal therapy to women who are facing orgasmic disorders. The treatment in the form of a gel or pill might be effective in increasing sensitization in the female genitals. It improves the blood flow to the female genitals, thereby increasing sexual desire.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: In this therapy, the psychologist focuses on bringing changes in the attitude and sexual thoughts of a woman suffering from anorgasmia. The orgasmic ability can be increased by alleviating anxiety associated with sex. Performance anxiety often interferes with orgasm as the person’s focus changes from erotic pleasure to anxiety, guilt or embarrassment.
  3. Sensate Focus Therapy: This therapy is primarily an anxiety reduction technique. It is a sequential set of focused and increased body-touching exercises. It moves from non-sexual to sexual touching of one’s own body and the partner’s body.
  4. Couples Therapy: If the woman does not share emotional closeness with her partner, she might not be able to achieve an orgasm during intercourse. Therefore, couples therapy is highly recommended to women who are suffering from female orgasmic disorders. Monotony and boredom in sexual activity can also result in anorgasmia. Many women feel shy to tell their partner what will satisfy them in bed. In this type of situation, couples sex therapy might be the best option. You may consult a gynaecologist and decide what works best for you. The partner of a woman can help her in achieving orgasm by clitoral stimulation.
  5. Behavioral Exercises: Exercises such as directed masturbation can also be effective in treating anorgasmia. Directed masturbation can benefit women who did not have a single orgasm in their lifetime. These women are often averse to touching their genital area.
  6. Treat other medical conditions: If there is a medical condition in a woman such as diabetes, she might suffer from an orgasmic disorder. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose and treat other medical conditions that are resulting in anorgasmia.
  7. Avoid antidepressants: If you are suffering from depression, stress, or anxiety and have been consuming antidepressants, it can result in female orgasmic disorders. Also, if antidepressants are the cause for your orgasmic disorder, you must discuss with your doctor other ways to cope with depression and anxiety.

Through these therapies and some changes in lifestyle, women can deal with female orgasmic disorders. 

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