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Tips To Choose Perfect Wig For Alopecia Hair Loss Patients!

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Tips To Choose Perfect Wig For Alopecia Hair Loss Patients!

Alopecia is generally the medical term that is used to define the phenomenon of hair loss. In majority of the cases, the cause behind the occurrence of alopecia remains unknown. Several studies based on this have shown that alopecia could well be a hereditary problem. The wigs help patients get back their confidence with a natural feel of hair.

Some of the factors that can cause alopecia or in simple words, hair loss, include:

Alopecia could well be a symptom of certain diseases like:

There are some women, who tend to experience hair loss after giving birth but in most of the cases, it is a temporary element.

Kinds of Alopecia

1. Alopecia Areata:

This kind of hair loss takes place mainly due to an autoimmune response. Loss of hair is noticed mainly in the scalp region, with the formation of bald spots, sometimes taking the size of a nickel.

2. Alopecia Universalis:

Alopecia Universalis refers to the kind of hair loss that occurs right through the entire body. People who suffer from this kind of hair loss, tend to lose their eyelashes, eyebrows as well as hair from other parts of the body.

3. Alopecia Totalis:

Alopecia Totalis is caused mainly out of the autoimmune response. This type is associated with loss of hair, whose presence is there on the entire scalp.

4. Androgenetic Alopecia:

Androgenetic Alopecia refers to a kind of hair loss that is caused by factors related to heredity.

5. Traction Alopecia:

This type of Alopecia tends to occur when scalp comes across too much of friction along with excessive rubbing. Traction Alopecia is mostly prevalent among women or men, who carry ponytails, micro braid, weaves and cornrows.

Now, in the next segment, let us come to the Alopecia Wigs.

Alopecia Wigs

The wigs for Alopecia are basically full lace wigs, which are at times even called as full cranial prosthesis. Alopecia wigs are generally not that different from other wigs, which are full of lace. Full lace wigs and lace front wigs very much serve the same purpose regardless of the reason for which people need to wear them.

The full lace wigs are great and ideal for people who suffer from alopecia because:

  • They are all expertly made and each strand of hair is hand-tied to give people a kind of an illusion as of it coming off one’s scalp
  • The full lace wigs can be customized as per the choice of colour, head size and texture
  • The variety of colours, textures and length give people a natural feel and help to make them feel secured and confident.
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