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Ten Tips For Healthy Brain And Nutrition!

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MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Jaipur  •  16years experience
Ten Tips For Healthy Brain And Nutrition!

Ten tips for a healthy brain and nutrition
 Let your food be your medicine

1. Avoid sugar in your diet: researchers conclude that having a diet rich in sugar and fructose could be the most damaging thing you do to your brain, among other organs.

2. Omega 3 fats in diet: our body needs a balance of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 in the body. A good intake of omega 3 fats helps in decreasing neuroinflammation.

3. Vitamin b12 and folate levels: asses your vitamin b12 plus folate levels, and take good quality multivitamins to optimize blood levels of these vitamins.

4. Antioxidants rich diet: try to take vegetables 6-8 times in a day with seed and nuts every day.

5. Optimize your vitamin d levels: researchers believe that optimal vitamin d levels are neuroprotective, it protects brain cells by increasing the effectiveness of glial cells in nursing damaged neurons back to health.

6. Try consuming gluten free, casein free diet to rule out non-coeliac gluten sensitivity which is in turn related to neuropsychiatric disorders. 

7. Avoid or limit cow dairy: I recommend yogurt and ghee made using cow milk. Try camel milk or goat milk products. Always go for organic products.

8. Organic diet: researchers conclude that pesticides and other chemicals in food leads to intestinal damage and also believe that leaky gut is related to leaky brain. Try to implement an organic diet as much as possible and stay away from pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and GMO foods.

9. Increase fiber content in diet: add chia seeds and flax seeds to your diet, as it feeds the healthy microbiome present in your intestine.

10. Add fermented foods to your diet.

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