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Symptoms of Psycho-Sexual Disorder You Need to Know

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Symptoms of Psycho-Sexual Disorder You Need to Know

Symptoms of psycho-sexual disorder you need to know

Psychosexual disorders are conditions that occur when there are discrepancies in sexual functioning caused by mental or emotional problems. These have various manifestations in the form of sexual dysfunction, sexual perversion and gender identity crisis.

The primary characteristic feature of psychosexual disorders is that these are not caused by any external physical factors or medical conditions, but are a result of internal conflicts that arise in the mind. These conflicts can be due to intense personal experiences that lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and guilt. Sexual trauma and negative body image issues are also known to cause psychosexual disorders in men and women.

The symptoms of psychosexual disorders have different kinds of indications in men and women. In many cases, it leads to the development of phobias towards sex and sexual activities. In other cases, it may create strong recurrent desires for unusual sexual situations and activities such as voyeurism, fetishism, exhibitionism, sexual sadism, necrophilia or pedophilia.

Each case is unique and different as it is caused by an exclusive set of factors, which affect every individual in a distinctive capacity.

What are the symptoms of the psychosexual disorder in women?

Psychosexual disorders in women are characterized by the following signs:

- inability to get sexually aroused despite adequate stimulation

- inability to achieve orgasm

- reduced sexual drive and the lack of desire for sex

- inadequate vaginal lubrication

- unconscious tightening of the vaginal muscles that causes interference in sexual activities

- experiencing pain during sexual intercourse

What are the symptoms of the psychosexual disorder in men?

Some of the signs of psychosexual disorder in men are as follows:

- inability to get or hold an erection (erectile dysfunction)

- premature ejaculation

- being unable to ejaculate

- reduced libido and inhibited sexual desire

- inability to achieve orgasm

- lack of sexual arousal through stimulation

Whatever is the cause, rest assured that it can be resolved completely with the help of a good therapist. So don't hesitate and continue suffering without getting help.


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