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Suicide- Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore!

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Suicide- Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore!

A sound health is not only about being healthy physically. The mental health is also of prime importance. Today, depression and anxiety have become a parasite affecting all and sundry. The situation complicates further when a person starts showing a suicidal tendency. There are a lot of teenagers and young adults, in particular, who have lost their lives because of depression and suicidal tendency leaving their families and loved ones shattered and broken. In this article, we will discuss some warnings indicative of depression and suicidal tendency in a person. A prompt action and the necessary corrective measures can help save a precious life.

Warning signs indicative of suicidal tendency in a person-
The first step towards helping a person with a suicidal tendency is to recognize the warning signs. There will be changes in their behavior, changes that are unusual, different, and at times scary.

  1. Extreme mood swings that may last for days.
  2. The person prefers isolation and avoids people and social gatherings, parties, get-togethers. They tend to lose interest in everything around them.
  3. A person with suicidal tendency will end up feeling sad or getting emotional all the time.
  4. A noticeable change in the eating habits (keeps binging on food all the time or does not eat at all).
  5. There is also a change in the sleeping pattern (sleeps all the time or does not sleep for nights). In some cases, the person may suddenly appear calm and composed.
  6. The person considers themselves useless, a black sheep in the family.
  7. There may be a change in the way they talk (talks too fast or too slowly).
  8. They pay little or no attention to their physical appearance.
  9. Many people with suicidal tendency exhibit violent or self-destructive behavior such as increased, smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, reckless driving, trying to harm themselves with sharp and pointed objects (compass, blade, knife, to name a few).
  10. While they have been isolating themselves for long, you may suddenly find them catching up with friends and family and behaving as if they are going somewhere (such as telling friends to take care of their family, or asking for forgiveness for some past mistakes).
  11. In some cases, the person may threaten to commit suicide.

Dealing with a person with Suicidal Tendency
A person with suicidal tendency needs the love and affection of their loved ones. Make them feel wanted and valued.

  1. Talk to the person. Try and find out what is bothering them. Don't let them stay alone for long.
  2. The suicidal tendency is not a small thing. Seek medical assistance at the earliest. Don't miss out on the counseling sessions. It may take time but will bear fruitful results.
  3. Maintain a positive and cheerful environment at home. Make the person participate in family functions and celebrations.
  4. For drug and alcohol abuse, take the person to a rehabilitation center.
  5. As family members or friends, try and maintain your composure in front of the affected individual.

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