Sports Medicine - Everything You Should Be Aware Of!

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Sports Medicine - Everything You Should Be Aware Of!

Sports medicine belongs to a branch of medicines that specifically caters to sports fitness. It also treats all kinds of injuries sustained because of participation in physical activities such as sports or exercises.

Details about Sports Medicine Specialists:

Sports medicine cannot be referred to as a speciality medicine in itself. Sports medicine doctors have certificates in emergency medicine, internal medicine, family and in addition to this receive additional training. It, therefore, includes researchers, health care professionals and educators from a large spectrum of disciplines.

Those specialists who treat children and teens receive training in either family medicine or paediatrics along with training in the sports field. Some specialists, especially orthopaedic surgeons receive training in surgery.

Why See a Sports Medicine Specialist?

There are a number of injuries that are treated by sports medicine specialists. These include-

• Fractures
• Knee and shoulder injuries
• Heat illness
• Concussions
• Cartilage injuries
Eating disorders
• Exercise-induced asthma
Ankle Sprains

Sports medicine specialists can also provide expert advice on diet, nutrition, and ways to implement injury prevention and exercise tips.

Nature of Sports Injury Treatment:

The purpose of sports medicine is not only to rehabilitate and treat but also to prevent.

If a person sustains sports injuries the likely symptoms will include swelling, severe pain and numbness. Most often sports injuries do not require any kind of surgery. Treatment methods include using pain relievers and keeping the concerned site of injury completely immobilized. This is done with the help of either a sling or a cast. If surgery is performed, it will be in order to repair damaged tissues or to readjust bones.

Sports medicine, therefore, attempts to enhance athletic performance. This is done by providing necessary tips in exercise and how to effectively prevent injuries. Sports medicine is a thriving field that caters to so many athletes both playing professionally as well as non-professionally. It also serves people involved in different physical activities such as construction workers.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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