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Last Updated: May 07, 2023

Spine Surgery - Busting The Myths Around It!

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Dr. Lokesh Kumar SharmaOrthopedic Doctor • 27 Years Exp.MBBS, D - Ortho, DNB - Orthopaedic Surgery, MNAMS, Fellowship Advanced Spine Surgery, Fellowship Disc Replacement Surgery, Visiting Spine Fellowship, Visiting Fellowship Spine Deformity Correction, Felloship Minimal Inavsive Spine Surgery
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If you have been facing back problems in the form of pain and discomfort for a long time despite undergoing treatment and medications, then you must be wondering whether you should go for a spine surgery. With the advancement in technology in the field of medical surgery, spine surgery has gained popularity owing to its effectiveness and high success rate. However, there are plenty of misconceptions regarding spine surgery, which need to be busted so that people do not make decisions based on these false beliefs.

Here are five myths about spine surgery debunked-

• Myth: Surgery is a must if you have damaged discs.
: Many people live with a herniated disc. It is a fairly common spinal condition. The common belief is that you need to undergo surgery to fix the problem. However, it is not true. In fact, many people have found relief from back pain following non-surgical methods such as physiotherapy and low-key exercises. These are the initial course of the treatment and usually, the patient sees positive results after the completion of the course.

• Myth: Surgery can relieve you from back pain completely.
Fact: Spine surgery is meant to correct spinal problems by restoring the functioning of your spine and reducing back pain. However, surgery cannot relieve you from the pain completely. In other words, it cannot fix the problem entirely. There are certain parameters, which you need to correct on your own. These include maintaining healthy body weight, living a healthy and active life, eating a balanced diet, etc. Nevertheless, if the spine problem/injury is diagnosed early, the chances of a successful spine surgery increase.

• Myth: Spine surgery has serious repercussions, and it is not worth a try.
Like all other types of surgery, spine surgery to has a few risks or side effects associated with it. The most common types include blood clots, infection, weakness, and bleeding. However, these are not as serious as it sounds. Since most of the surgeries are minimally invasive today, the minor side effects do not last more than a week and recovery takes place sooner. The side effects can also be managed with pain management medications well so the patient need not worry.

• Myth: Visiting a spine surgeon means you will definitely need surgery.
: Your Orthopedic Doctor may advise you to see a spine surgeon if the symptoms of your spine injury/problem become severe. This does not necessarily mean you will have to undergo surgery. Sometimes, the doctor may schedule an appointment with the surgeon to have a unique perspective of the condition. Surgery is prescribed only as of the last resort.

• Myth: Undergoing surgery once means you will need another one soon.
If you have gone under the knife once, it does not necessarily mean you will need another surgery soon. Multiple surgical procedures are required only if the patient has sustained complex trauma to the spine. Such cases are rare. Usually, the patient undergoes spine surgery once, following which he/she is provided with a post-operative guideline. The guideline suggests engaging in mild exercises and making vital lifestyle changes to ensure a fast recovery.

If you have been suffering from persistent, recurring pain in the back or neck that has altered or affected your quality of life in a negative way, its time you should consult a doctor. Do not hesitate if you need to undergo e a spine surgery urgently. The facts stated above will help clear your mind and eliminate any false belief that you had been holding in.


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