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Sore Throat - Causes And Remedies

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Dr. Madhulika Sharma 89% (89 ratings)
DNB (ENT), JLN Medical college,Ajmer, Senior Residency ENT, Junior Residency in Neurology, Junior Residency in Anaesthesia
ENT Specialist, Delhi  •  16 years experience
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Hello everyone, I am Dr Madhulika Sharma. I have been practicing daily for 15 years and I would be telling you precisely on the topic of sore throat.

People are not that aware of the topic sore throat , because what they feel is the common complaints that 'I have irritation in the throat, I have a feeling of dryness, I have a little bit of pain in my throat that really pains and when I swallow '. These are the common complaints . So many a times , reason is not only associated with sore throat. Some of the patients have actual infections from other things associated with that . 

So we need to consult a specialist to treat it. The most common cause of sore throat - as you call it pain in the throat is viral infection which in most of the cases , they do not need any treatment at all . They can be mild infection . In case of mild infection , simple gargle and home remedies will also help . But if you do not feel comfortable even after 2 days , you should go to the specialist then. The second most common cause is bacterial infections . In these cases , the patients will have fever and small swellings. There are other associated symptoms like fever which is not responding to medication at all.

All these symptoms can be associated with most commonly with bacterial infection. Then apart from that , sometimes these infections lead to abscess formation that is all the more grave because many times we do take medication from outside and they just keep continuing that and then the abscess builds up and then that leads to severe complications. So whatever simple medicines we take , we should try only for 2-3 days and not more than that , because after that it becomes difficult for patients as well as doctor.

Now apart from this , many a times very few patients come with pain in throat they have been taking treatment and there are symptoms inside the throat that only we can see . Only ENT specialist can examine them and we can come to know that you have this problem and just treating the answer itself reads the problem right . Then sometimes there are foreign bodies that are stuck in the throat - people think that it is sore throat and start taking medication for that .

So all these things have to be treated only after proper examination , but of course it is not a grave problem most of the times . So initially , one or two days you can of course take medication. Rest simple warm saline gargle is a wonder drug that can help each and every patient and you can always contact me online rate on other sites and I would be really happy to help you.

Thank you so much!

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