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I am Dr. Rajeev Nangia, senior consultant ENT. Today I will be telling about what is sinusitis, the symptoms, the treatment and the new age advances. Now sinuses are air-filled spaces in the head and the face. There are four sets of sinuses. Now the sinuses are a normal structure and any inflammation or an infection in the sinuses is called sinusitis which is not normal. The symptom of sinusitis if you have a recurrent cough and cold, sneezing, itching, redness, itching around the eyes, loss of concentration, post nasal drip, mild fever. The reason for the sinusitis is- it can be viral. it can be bacterial, it can be infective, it can be due to obstructive causes. Now we come to the treatment. The first one is the symptomatic treatment and that is by medicines. Medicines we prefer like anti-allergic, antibiotic and steroids in some cases. The third part is the surgical part.

First of all, we have to diagnose it with CTL sinuses and diagnostic nasal endoscopy. The surgical way further is FES or Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and that means we create the aeration of the sinuses, remove the polyps, remove any obstruction like any deviated nasal septum. The latest advances in this are Balloon Sinuplasty which is normally done with minimal to moderate sinus problems. If you have any headache or you not able to concentrate or similar things are there then this is the best way. The advantage of balloon sinuplasty which is the latest technique is that there is hardly any bleeding, the post-surgical complications are also minimal. The only problem is it is a little bit expensive though now it bein manufactured in India and it is slightly expensive on the surgical part. But nowadays it is also covered under insurance. That is the best part. I advise balloon sinuplasty as first treatment if it is possible and affordable to the patients. For any other queries or any requirement you want, you can contact me at Lybrate app on my portal.

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