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Signs That Show You Need a Mental Health Checkup

Dr. Rahul R.Ghadge 88% (65 ratings)
Diploma in Psychological Medicine, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Mumbai  •  21 years experience
Signs That Show You Need a Mental Health Checkup

Stress is very common these days due to the busy modern lifestyle and can cause symptoms of disorders of the mind. There are certain signs that foretell an impending mental problem, these signs should be taken seriously and a mental health professional should be consulted.

Some of these signs that indicate that you should go for a mental health checkup include:

1. Appetite disorder - Appetite problems such as loss of appetite or overeating may indicate mental problems. Moreover, eating foods excess in fat and sugar can indicate signs of stress.

2. Difficulties in interpersonal communication - Progressive reduction in interaction with people to no communication at all indicates signs of stress and a mental health professional should be consulted in this case.

3. InsomniaSignificant modifications in sleeping patterns or not being able to sleep due to stress for a long duration of time need to be addressed as they can result in complications.

4. Overactive mind - The overactive mind is a cause of anxiety where the mind is always thinking and thoughts race through causing anxiety and an inability to relax. A normally active mind is healthy but an overactive mind which can't seem to relax for extended periods of time should be looked into.

5. Lack of interest in activities - Showing symptoms were once fun activities seem worrisome and fearful can indicate signs of mental disorders.

6. Emotional distress causing problems at work and home - Inability to focus at work or everyday activities due to emotional stress can result in depression. Thus, symptoms such as these should be diagnosed at the earliest to prevent complications.


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