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Sexual Transmitted Diseases

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Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Diseases that spread through unprotected sexual activity are known as sexually transmitted diseases (stds). These are caused by microscopic organisms that pass from one person to another through contact with blood, semen, or vaginal secretions and other bodily fluids. 

As per ayurveda, stds are called as upadamsha or firang (i. E one that creates pus in genitals and is of foreign origin. The causes behind these conditions are :

  • Abrasions caused by any handling
  • Injury caused due to scratches by nails
  • Injury caused due to teeth/bites
  • Unhygienic conditions of the genitalia (e. G unclean genitalia)
  • Excessive indulgence in sexual activities
  • Infection transmitted through sexual contact (from vaginal infections)
  • Improper/unethical sexual indulgence

Ayurveda classifies this disease into five types depending on which of the doshas are vitiated and the resultant symptoms. These are:

  • Vataja upadamsha – pricking sensation, pain, black skin lesions
  • Pittaja upadamsha – yellow discoloration, pus formation
  • Kaphaja upadamsha – itching, swelling
  • Sannipathaja upadamsha – combination of features of above three
  • Raktaja upadamsha - yellow discoloration, pus formation, gangrenous lesions.
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