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Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023

Sex Toys - Can They Add Spark To Your Life?

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Dr. Rahul GuptaSexologist • 16 Years Exp.MD-Ayurveda, BAMS
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Having a healthy sex life is as important as being healthy physically and mentally. Regular intercourse can give you a longer lifespan, boost your immune system, give you better sleep and help you manage stress more effectively. When it comes to sex, variation is the key in keeping the spark alive between couples. Some people may find sex toys an interesting way of expressing themselves and stimulating themselves or their partners.

Today, sex toys can be easily bought online or offline with most people preferring the former. Some of the sex toys easily available in India include vibrators, role play costumes, dildos, anal stimulants, adult games, etc. Sex toys can be used by both men and women on their own or with their partners. While there is no proven health benefit to using these sexual aids, it can increase your sexual pleasure in a number of ways including

  1. An increased chance of orgasming for women: Women often find it hard orgasming with traditional vaginal intercourse. Hence toys that offer clitoral stimulation may make it easier for a woman to climax and may even increase the intensity of her orgasms.
  2. Increased intimacy: Introducing a sex toy into your relationship can increase intimacy by making sex more enjoyable and fun.
  3. Less pressure on performance: This is true especially in the case of men who have performance anxiety. Knowing that you can please your partner with a sex toy reduces the pressure on you to be able to please him or her. The use of a vibrator can also cut down foreplay time thus helping men who complain of premature ejaculation. The use of a dildo can also help a couple have longer intercourse in the case of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  4. Increased self-awareness: Using sex toys can give you a better understanding of your body and how it is most aroused.

The effect of sex toys on sexual pleasure
Sexual pleasure is like food and sleep for the body. It soothes and relaxes the mind and body, eliminates stress and is great for your cardiovascular system, brain and nerves. Sexual pleasure is also not a non-sided affair reserved for men. And the sex toy industry is the forerunner of sexual equality by being female-centric. There are more sex toys in the market today for women than men. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the sex toys in the market for men and women, shall we?

  1. Vibrators: These sex toys are meant to make women orgasm. They come in different shapes and sizes and their types include
    1. Clitoral vibrators: These stimulate the clitoris. A few of them also have a point on the end for pinpointed clitoral stimulation; most of them though are designed to fit snugly on the vulva or the outer part of the female genitalia.
    2. Rabbit vibrators: These stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot. This can be done either at the same time or one at a time.
    3. Vibrating Eggs: Also called bullet vibrators, these are as small as an egg and are designed to be used externally to stimulate the clitoris. These can also be used inside the vagina, which makes them excellent for beginners.
    4. G-spot vibrators: These are internal vibrators that focus on the G-spot. They have a curved tip to stimulate the G-spot.
    5. Finger vibrators: They are also used to put direct pressure on the clitoris while wearing them on a finger.
    6. Wearable vibrators: These can be worn inside the panties to stimulate the clitoris.
    7. Couple vibrators: They are used by couples during sex. These are designed in such a way that one part stimulates the clitoris and the other part goes inside the vagina and stimulates the G-spot, while the penis is inside at the same time. This way both partners feel the vibrations.
  2. Pulsators: ?Pulsators are the latest type of sex toys for women. They are more than mere vibrators as they mimic the back and forth movement of penetration. Pulsators can be used both vaginally and anally for sexual pleasure.
  3. Dildos: Dildos are penetrative sex toys and they do not always vibrate. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which mean that you can choose one that works for you.
  4. Anal toys: These include anything that goes inside the anus. These toys enhance sexual pleasure during the sexual act by going inside the anus and stimulating the nerve endings there. Dildos can also be used as anal toys. As they move back and forth, they can be used to achieve orgasm. Butt plugs, another anal toy stays put and creates a sensation of fullness. Some of them also vibrate for extra stimulation! Anal beads are a string of beads that increase in size. These can be inserted in the anus for stimulation.
  5. Penis toys for men: 
  6. Penis rings are worn around the base of the penis. These work by constricting blood flow so that erections last longer, producing more intense orgasms. 
  7. Masturbators: These are essentially ‘sleeves’ or tubes that provide extra ribbing and texture while masturbating. A few masturbation sleeves vibrate for more pleasure.

How to increase the pleasure of the toys by adding herbal aphrodisiacs?
The use of herbal aphrodisiacs that can be imbibed while using sex toys has enhanced both the quality of orgasms and their length. A few herbal aphrodisiacs that you can include with the use of sex toys are

  1. AshwagandhaStudies show that Ashwagandha stimulates the production of a chemical called DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone. This is a hormone which is converted by your body into testosterone and estrogen. Hence, ashwagandha is an excellent sex enhancer. Take 2 to 4ml twice a day for sexual bliss.
  2. AsparagusIn French history, they say that the bride and groom-to be ate asparagus three times a day before their wedding to increase their libido for the wedding night. Why Asparagus works as an aphrodisiac is because it has aspartic acid that helps to neutralize extra ammonia found in our bodies which is responsible for weakness and sexual disinterest.

When using sex toys, it is important to remember that these toys are not meant to replace human partners. It is also crucial to use these toys carefully and to ensure that they are always kept clean. Washing it with a soap and water solution is usually enough to clean the toys and the use of harsher chemicals should be avoided. Do not share your toys with others as this can lead to the transference of STDs and other diseases. You may also consider using a lubricant with sex toys. In addition, you could also use herbal aphrodisiacs to increase your pleasure. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.


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