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Sciatica - Knowing The Symptoms & Ayurvedic Approach To Treat It!

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Sciatica - Knowing The Symptoms & Ayurvedic Approach To Treat It!

Sciatica is a condition, which causes sharp pain to originate from the sciatic nerve. The pain affects the lower body, originating from the buttocks and moving downward through the thighs and into the leg. One other distinguishing feature of sciatica pain is that it either affects the lower left or lower right part of the body, but not both.

What are the causes of sciatica?

Here is a look at some of the primary causes of sciatica-

• Trauma to the sciatic nerve due to a rupture in the intervertebral disc
• Tumour in the region of the sciatic nerve
• Piriformis spasms in your muscle

Each of those mentioned above can cause inflammation of the sciatic nerve, leading to the pain.

Symptoms of sciatica

Pain in the lower body can be indicative of sciatica if the following conditions are met-

• Pain originates in the buttock region and moves to the back part of thighs, and onto the leg and foot
Loss of appetite
• Heaviness

Panchakarma treatment for sciatica

Panchakarma is a specialized form of treatment within the Ayurvedic sphere of medicine. It encompasses five forms of therapies into one, which greatly benefits the patient. A mixture of remedies such as Swedana, Sarwang Abhyang, Agnikarma, Siravedha, Vashti and Raktamokshan is used to treat sciatica symptoms in patients.

Benefits of panchakarma treatment

Now that you know what Panchakarma treatment entails, here is a look at why you should consider Panchakarma over conventional medicine-

• Detoxifies both body and mind - While conventional medication simply treats the disease, Panchakarma ensures that you are cured both physically as well as mentally. Living with sciatica can be difficult. Undergoing Panchakarma treatment will rejuvenate your body and your spirit, which helps during the recovery period.

• Channels the flow of blocked energies - Panchakarma ensures that the ama or toxic energy in the body is released so that they do not cause harm to your mind and body. For example, excessive amounts of fat and cholesterol are one form of ama that your body stores. With Panchakarma, all of these excess energies are removed. Keep in mind that there are other toxic energies stored in your mind and body as well that are unrelated to cholesterol or fats, which too must be released.

Conventional medicines although can reduce the symptoms of sciatica, come with several side effects. Therefore, opt for Ayurvedic treatment and more specifically, Panchakarma treatment if you suffer from this condition.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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