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Role Of Different Homeopathic Medicines In Treating Acne Scars!

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Role Of Different Homeopathic Medicines In Treating Acne Scars!

The skin has sebaceous glands producing sebum, which offers protection and is essential for maintaining a healthy skin. Acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands and is more common in teenagers and adolescents. In people with severe acne, these could leave marks, which are not just a cosmetic issue, but also affect the personality of the person and reduce his or her self-esteem and confidence levels.
Acne scars are treated by homeopathy in safe, effective, and gentle ways by addressing the problem internally. It believes in restoring the underlying balance in the body and not just removing the scars. Treatment would be done after a detailed case study for accompanying symptoms and clinical examination. Self-medication is to be avoided, as what worked for one person may not work for another.

Some of the effective medicines to cure acne are listed below:

  • Works wonders in all sorts of acne – simplex, pustular, or indurated
  • Works well for oily skin, where the sebaceous glands are overactive
  • Reduces secretion of sebum and oil and controls acne
  • Useful where the acne is worsened by sweet and fatty food items like chocolates and meat
  • Useful where the acne is itchy and worse during winters

Kali Bromatum

  • Useful where the acne is spread on the face, chest, and shoulders
  • Given when acne is accompanied by severe itching
  • Works for all types of acnes - simplex, pustular or indurated
  • Where the acne could have left behind deep scar marks


  • Very useful for acne that is extremely itchy
  • Bluish-red pimples
  • Where skin looks unhealthy and very poorly maintained
  • Where itching is worsened by scratching, at night and in warm weather
  • Burning sensation observed
  • Where other topical applications have failed


  • This ointment mixed with lanolin is applied as a thin layer on the acne.
  • Helps dissolve scar tissue, lightens existing scars
  • Can be used on the face as it is non-greasy and easily absorbed
  • Can be mixed with glycerin and used on the face
  • If severe, the oral preparation could also be used

Silicea is known for its properties of lightening and dissolving scars.

  • Can be used in liquid form or as an oral preparation
  • Should be mixed with water and glycerin and applied on the skin
  • Works best for pustular or cystic acne, especially on forehead
  • When there is excessive sweating and itching

Natrum Mur

  • Works well for acne on the cheeks, which are warm, pustular with a burning sensation
  • Acne could have pricking pain
  • Works well in anemic girls

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