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Removing Wisdom Tooth!

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Removing Wisdom Tooth!

The increasing age in an individual manifests itself in different ways. While some may notice some silver locks in their head, others may find a vestige of their wisdom in the form of additional set of molar teeth. Though sometimes these teeth are helpful, often times the price of the wisdom tooth is excruciating pain and discomfort. Subsequently, many opt for the removal of the wisdom tooth to relive themselves of the pain. The procedure of a wisdom tooth removal are-

1.        Anesthesia
Any surgery is preceded by administering an anesthesia that helps in numbing the area and lessening the ensuing pain. The process of extracting a wisdom tooth is no different. An anesthesia also inflicts sleep and helps you to sleep through the entire procedure.

2.        Opens the gum tissue
This is the second step where the dentist opens the gum tissue and exposes the bone that comes in the way of the tooth. The dentist will then proceed to remove the bone.  

3.        Removes the tissues
After removing the bone, the dentist will extricate the tissue that connects the bone and the wisdom tooth that will further help in removing the wisdom tooth.

4.        Stitches
The procedure of removing wisdom tooth does not merely end with breaking the tooth and eliminating it from the mouth. Like any other surgery, it ends with stitches. These may dissolve over time or may be removed the dentist. 

After the extraction, there are certain precautions which you must keep in mind in order to post surgery complications. Some of the steps which you can keep in mind are-

1.        Place a cotton gauze 
After the surgery, it will be recommended by the doctor to place a cotton gauze over the area from where the tooth was extracted. This arrangement helps in preventing any chances of bleeding. But be careful to change the dressing periodically and see to it that the gauze does not soak with blood.

2.        Be careful about the posture
After the extraction, it is imperative that you do not lie flat. Always try to place your head on a propped up pillow as it lessens the chance of bleeding. 

3.        Ice pack
This is a proven way to reduce bleeding and swelling. Applying ice packs outside the cheek is often recommended by doctors after extracting the wisdom tooth. Try pressing the ice pack against your cheek for fifteen to twenty minutes and repeat it for some time.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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