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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Recurrent Miscarriage - How to Deal With It?

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Dr. Neha LallaGynaecologist • 11 Years Exp.MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery
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For some women, having their own children is not as easy as it seems. Suffering from more than two or more miscarriages is known as recurrent miscarriage. This experience affects every aspect of a woman’s life from her mental and emotional health to her physical health and social well-being.

It is important for a woman undergoing this experience to keep in mind that she can still give birth to a healthy baby even after recurrent miscarriages.

  1. Look after your health: Miscarriages are not very uncommon and in many instances are a result of the woman’s body not being able to take the strain if a growing fetus. Hence, pay attention to your health to prepare your body for future pregnancies. Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine and exposure to toxins that can cause fertility problems. Eat healthy food and start taking a multivitamin with folic acid on a daily basis. Exercise regularly, but avoid strenuous activities that involve heavy lifting or dangerous contact sports. Yoga is great for pregnant women or women planning a family as it tones your body keeps your stress levels low.
  2. Talk to people: A miscarriage can affect your emotional health and self-image, but you must remember that you are in a way responsible for the miscarriage. Talk to other women who have had a similar experience and share your feelings with them. Men and women cope with a miscarriage in different ways and hence work on communicating your feelings with your partner. Do not suppress your feelings, but acknowledge them and work through them. You may also find it beneficial to talk to a counsellor or get involved with a support group.
  3. Give yourself a break: It’s ok to not attend your friend’s baby shower when you’ve recently suffered a miscarriage. Instead of surrounding yourself with your friend’s babies and children, take a break and pay attention to yourself. Develop a hobby or find something to keep yourself busy. Take a holiday with your partner and find ways to reconnect with them. Find your own way of acknowledging the pregnancy. This could be in the form of writing about it, naming the baby or planting a tree in memory of the baby.
  4. Get proactive: Don’t sink into despair because of your miscarriages. Educate yourself about the various reasons you may have miscarried the baby by reading books or talking to medical professionals. This can help prevent future miscarriages.

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