PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy)

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Hi, I'm Dr Sunakshi. I am a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon in ADHD clinic in Kalkaji. Today I will be talking on PRP.

PRP is an abbreviation for platelet rich plasma which is prepared from whole Blood. The PRP is written certain growth factors which help in various conditions like hair fall in skin rejuvenation and in fat transfer. So talking about the indications of PRP, it is used in aesthetic procedures as well as other conditions like wound healing and in dental procedures. So how we prepare PRP varies according to the kit that is used which also gives a different result.

So about preparation we need to withdraw some amount of blood are usually with donor 25 to 30 ml of blood and then we centrifuge it at 4000 RPM. The best result is after 15 minutes of centrifugation. Then we take the uppermost layer which is the plasma rich PRP and we need to activate the PRP with certain activators like calcium before injection. There are various kits as I talked earlier. The kits come as Genesis CS. Then there is region lab kit which have different anti cobelans that give a different result. The cost factor also values according to the kit used. So the PRP is then injected into the areas where it is required, it can be injected superficially into the skin in the areas of wrinkles that is around the eyes around the mouth corners it can be injected on the forehead and also cheeks for some tissue augmentation.

So this way it helps in facial rejuvenation which is also known as Vampire Facelift. In hair condition, there are conditions like androgenic alopecia where there is a pattern hair loss. We also use PRP in these conditions along with other modalities like derma rulers. Few sessions are required. Almost minimum three to four sessions are required for any indication. So these sessions can be done once in a month or maximum 45 days to 2 months. This is the intent to face that I said for three to four months and then there are also maintained session that can be required in six months or one year according to the result. So PRP can be a various type. It can be pure PRP or it can be fibrin PRP. Fibrin PRP is inner gel form which is used for wound healing but pure PRP is a liquid form that can be injected.

So for PRP, a candidate has to be fit. Regarding the platelet count and some conditions like HIV, hepatitis, VDRL has to be tested before the procedure is done. So once all these tests are within normal limits, PRP can be done.

So I have already talked on the indications and the procedure. We are doing it in ADHD clinic since two years now and we are given promising results.

So if there are any queries or requirement you can contact me through Lybrate.

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