PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

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I am Dr Mansi Sareen. I have completed my fellowship in anaesthetic medicine and also in indicative medicine from the USA. Today I am here, in front of you talking about PRP. PRP is a very popular treatment. That is called Platelet-Rich Plasma. Which is a non-surgical fast forming injection technique where is patient own blood is taken, platelets are extracted out of it and they are injected in the selected area whether its skin or hair? For skin facial PRP or commonly known as vampire facelift is a very, it’s a breakthrough in the cosmetic industry. Under this technique, the main target is collagen building and collagen formation which helps in total rejuvenation of patient’s skin and helps him dealing the age. So it’s kind of an age rewind therapy which is being folioed by most of the centres worldwide. For hair, for hair PRP is also a wonderful technique which aims that regeneration of tissues and hair follicle. It is also used to post hair transplantation not only give to the results if hair transplant better but also in boosting the present growth or delaying the hair fall which patients are suffering from. When PRP is a very easy treatment. It’s an outpatient procedure so the patient can normally join back to his work on the same day.

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