Pins & Needles In Hand - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

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Pins & Needles In Hand - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Are you suffering with pins and needles in your hand? You may be suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel is a tunnel made of bones in the wrist. Roof of the the tunnel is made of a ligament. This tunnel contains a nerve and some tendons which help in bending of fingers.

This nerve is called median nerve and it acts as a electrical wire carrying sensation from certain parts of hand. It also functions as a wire carrying power signals from brain to hand. Increased pressure of the tunnel causes compression of the nerve and this condition is called as carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome gives symptoms of pins and needles in part of hand and weakness in grip. (Pins and needles in Hindi is commonly known as झुनझुनाहट or झुनझुनी or सुन्न पन). Often patient will wake up in night because of pins and needles and shake their hand to relieve the symptoms. It can also manifest as burning sensation or pain in hand.

Carpal tunnel can be caused due to multiple factors. It is commonly seen in pregnant females. Repeated use of hand in certain postures can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Other causes are thyroid problems, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and injury to wrist.

Diagnosis of carpal tunnel is mainly clinical and nerve conduction study is a useful tool in confirming the diagnosis. Special (Neuropathic ) pain killers can help with the symptoms. Physiotherapy and posture training can also reduce pins and needles. Night splints are often helpful. If symptoms fail to improve with non operating measures, surgical decompression of carpal tunnel is indicated. Carpal tunnel surgery is performed as a day case procedure under local anaesthetic. It has very satisfying results and a quick recovery.

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