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PCOD and Role of Homeopathy

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PCOD and Role of Homeopathy

Polycystic ovarian disease is a disorder that currently affects at least 4 out of 10 women. A sedentary lifestyle and faulty eating habits are the major reasons behind the development of PCOD. This condition is accompanied by irregular menstruation and often a patient misses her periods for a few months.

PCOD is the accumulation of fluid-filled cysts in the ovaries due to which the normal menstruation is disrupted and ovaries become inflated. Allopath medicines treat the disorder by inducing the periods. But they do not eliminate the cysts from the ovaries completely. However, homeopathic medicines treat the symptoms rather than the disorder itself and eventually regularize menstruation. Homeopathic medicines are so effective that a person after completing the course does not need to depend on medicines anymore to get her periods.

  1. A homeopathic medicine which is made from the tincture of the common cuttlefish is a foolproof method to treat PCOD. This medicine can regularize the menstruation and also treat enlarged ovaries. The medicine is also used to treat hirsutism, a condition accompanied by unusual growth of facial hair.
  2. Anemone is a group of flowering plants which belongs to the buttercup family. The extract of this plant is used to make a homeopathic medicine to treat PCOD. This medicine particularly treats the symptom whereby the woman suffers from inadequate menses and abdominal pain during the flow. The medicine amends the condition by gradually removing the disruption that leads to insufficient menses.
  3. Impure calcium carbonate that is often found lining the mid-section of shells is used to compose homeopathic medicines to treat PCOD. The medicine is used to treat a woman who suffers from excessive flow as well as obesity.
  4. Samuel Hahnemann was the first practitioner to find out that salt can be used as a homeopathic remedy. Salt in the form of a homeopathic medicine is used to treat a woman with PCOD, especially those suffering from suppressed periods that can lead to infertility. A woman suffering from PCOD who is looking forward to conceiving can take this medication to cure the self.
  5. Eastern arborvitae is an evergreen coniferous tree whose extract is used to make a homeopathic medicine that has the ability to melt the cysts that accumulate in the ovaries as a result of PCOD.
  6. PCOD is often accompanied by the development of acne and pimples. These symptoms can be easily treated by homeopathic medicines that are composed of sulfur, silicon and oxygen.

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