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Welcome friends, I am Dr. Hitesh Shah, a Sexologist from Mumbai. Once again welcome to this educational video series on Lybrate. Today's topic is Vaginismus. This is a fairly common disorder, sexual dysfunction in women and what does it means? Vaginismus means involuntary closure or spasm of vagina whenever there is an attempt at intercourse. Now this is of two types. First is the primary variety and the second is the secondary variety. Primary variety means which is from beginning. So when a woman gets married during first night of honeymoon when the couple discovers that she is not able to allow or go ahead with the penetrative intercourse and then she suddenly tends to close her thighs, it becomes too tight, tend to push away her husband and she experiences complete closure or involuntary closure of her vagina. So the penetration does not happen in this couple. They are not able to consummate their marriage. Now what is the reason for this involuntary closure of vagina. Obviously this is a kind of defensive or protective mechanism of mind and body. Why does it happens?

Often there are cases, there is a history of subconscious fear. The fear can be due to various reasons. Often there is a history of child sex abuse so during the childhood or teenage years they can be an abuse experience or sexual trauma to the girl. Also often there are psychological fear just because of hearing somebody else's experience of sister or brother or sister in law or friend who have passed through painful intercourse and this leads to severe fear in woman's mind. Then there are women who have such fearful personalities. They are very timid, very nervous type and they tend to have fear very easily. They are afraid of pain even when they go for blood test simple needle pricking they tend to faint or they see accident on the road, they see blood they tend to faint. So this kind of women who have very fearful personality, they tend to get vaginismus.

So women also passes through lot of agony and she just can't overcome her fear. Even if she has desire when the moment comes for penetration she is full of fear and she just can't allow her husband to move ahead or go ahead with the penetration part. As a result there is a lot of guilt inside her. She feels helpless, she feels very sorry, she feels responsible for not able to give pleasure or her happiness to husband. Obviously husband also passes through all kinds of frustration in spite of all his support to his wife. So as a result the couple lands up with a unconsummated marriage for lot of years. They cannot conceive and have a child and they live a very miserable life but there is a definite solution to this once we discover what is the underlying factors the reasons why the woman has developed that fear and there is a way to come out of it. There is a way, there is something called sex therapy, homeopathic medicines.

All this things beautifully helps the couple. Also there is second factor or secondary variety of vaginismus which is after some surgery or after a delivery when stitches are taken. So what happens is the opening becomes too narrow for the penetration. There could be some actual pain which leads to vaginal spasm or closure. So all these things needs to be properly diagnosed in the given case. Once the problem is diagnosed there is a perfect treatment for every case of vaginismus including homeopathic remedy which takes away the subconscious fear. So friends you are welcome for any kind of treatment or solution or guidance. I am Dr. Hitesh Shah on Lybrate.

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