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Obesity - Symptoms & Prevention

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Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD-Ayurveda
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Hello! Everyone , myself Dr. Amit Verma CEO and founder of Veshruyak Ayurveda. I am practicing in Delhi, Malvia-nagar.

So, today’s topic is Obesity. Motapa - jaisa ki hum jantey hain ki motapa aaj ke time main bahut saarey logon ko ho raha hai. Obesity ke barey mein ek choti si baat yahi bolna chahunga - it’s not only a symptom and a disease, but it works as precursor of many diseases. Obesity is not so harmful but it gives rise to so many other diseases which are very harmful in the life.

Like take an example, obesity leads to cholesterol problems. Obesity causes hypertension , diabetes , thyroids problems and there are lot of problems which our females are facing nowadays due to obesity like PCOD, polmarian syndrome, bulky uterus. There is a long list of diseases which people are facing due to obesity. So it’s time now we control obesity and to relieve that factor from our life and to include the good habits in our lives so we can come out of this life threatening disease, obesity.

So what we can do in our daily life to get relief from obesity ? There are so many treatments available in the market. People say that to do this , you can reduce your weight , but you can reduce your inches . But I want to say that best doctor of obesity is realize in you only. You are the best doctor for yourself. You can treat the obesity rather than others.

First factor is that you have to correct your diet habits. Second you have to correct your life style. Third you have to correct your daily values. Take the number of diet. There are simple procedures to take the diet. You can see the triangle. So you have to take the diet in this manner. Your breakfast should be heavy. And lunch should be lighter than the breakfast. And dinner should be very less than the breakfast. So you should go in this way.

Other things what you can implement in daily lifestyle is the simple method. Take half glass of cold water before every meal and after every meal also. And night time you can take very less calories diet because you are going to sleep and after that ,  there is no need of physical work out. So you have to take less calorie diet. And night time you can decrease the intake of salt restricted items. So don’t take more salt. It cause water intension. And this again put on the increase weight of your body.

So these are simple things you can do with your diet. Like avoid sugarie items much more in your diet. Take salt restrictors in your diet. Avoid much fried. Or over use of the fried items in your diet. These are simple major symptoms take in your diet. You can implement simple things in your life. Like take an example if you are leaving home and your house is on the third floor so don’t use the lift, use the stairs for going up and down and this is a simple step you can implement in your life and giving excuses like that, I was so busy, I can’t do workout. I have no time, I can’t do workout. This excuse will make you put in the danger.

So stop giving excuses and give time to yourself to correct your life style. You can do simple things like alom alom, pal bhachi. You can make corrections in your life which can make you relief from the obesity. So remain on concluding on all this factor we can easily make the obesity away from our life. Simple foods like apple, pomgarande are also help syndrome on the obesity like daily drinking as hot water in obesity.

Thank you so much.

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