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Not Drinking Enough Water - 8 Ways In Which It Is Affecting Your Body!

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Dr.Kishore Sabbu 93% (391ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MD Internal Medicine
General Physician, Visakhapatnam  •  20years experience
Not Drinking Enough Water - 8 Ways In Which It Is Affecting Your Body!

Water is the most important ingredient in the body. About 60% of the human body is water, and the heart and brain are almost 70% water, while the lungs have about 80% water. A healthy adult should be drinking about 2.5 to 3 L of water on a daily basis.

That being the case, it is not surprising that someone who does not drink enough water faces multiple issues. The severity of the symptoms also depends on how much the dehydration has set in. It is easier to correct these in the initial stages by just increasing the water intake. When left to progress, in addition to forcefully drinking water, other symptoms may also need to be treated.

  1. Metabolism: The body’s overall metabolism is reduced with less water intake. This means that the body’s ability to remove wastes and flush out toxins is reduced. There is more toxin accumulation within the body, leading to chronic diseases.
  2. Digestion: Water is essential for the digestive process and motility of the colon, and lack of this can lead to motility disorders. Constipation is one of the first side effects of not drinking enough water.
  3. Temperature regulation: The water helps control body temperature, and lack of water leads to increased body temperature. The associated symptoms also follow with poor circulation, low blood pressure, increased heart rates, general lethargy, lack of focus, and low energy levels.
  4. Increased sugar levels: Sugar breakdown requires water, and lack of it can lead to greater levels of sugar in the bloodstream.
  5. Poor skin: Skin requires water for optimal texture and tone, and lack of it can lead to dull, sagging skin which can be difficult to maintain, leading to cracks and even bleeding in severe cases.
  6. Mental effects: As noted, the brain is almost 70% water, and not drinking up enough water can lead to lack of focus, delirium, and even unconsciousness. In severe cases, it can lead to hypovolemic shock and seizures.
  7. Kidney stones: The kidneys are important excretory organs and help remove wastes and toxins from the body. For this to happen, water is an important medium. Not drinking enough water leads to stone formation, which is accumulated waste, which could not be flushed out due to lack of water.
  8. Continued shortage: If water shortage continues, there could be swelling of the brain, kidney failure, coma, and even death.

Drink adequate amount of water, and see the life inside you come alive. It is a habit which is definitely hard to kick. Those who are used to regularly sipping water can feel their cells craving for water when they have not gulped down water for a while.


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