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Non-Surgical Ways To Loose Weight!

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Non-Surgical Ways To Loose Weight!

An increase in your body weight can be due to many factors. But excessive weight gain usually leads to future complications in the form of life-threatening diseases, such as obesity, heart problems, depression among others. It can also hamper your self-confidence when you see your flabby body in the mirror. Clothes may no longer fit and you may feel your self-esteem dipping.
However, there is no reason for you to feel let down since there are so many ways to lose that extra weight. One of those many ways are certain non-surgical methods, such as:

Ultrasound Lipolysis

Ultrasound lipolysis is the newest technology among non-surgical methods to reduce fat. Ultrasound lipolysis or U-Lipo is painless as it uses ultrasound wave energy to break down the fat cells into simpler fluids which the body can naturally metabolise. This method is very selective and you can only use it to reduce fat in your chin, face, lower back, upper back, calf, arms, thighs, hips and tummy.


1. Results of U-Lipo are immediate and you can lose up to 10 centimetres of your problem areas after a single treatment.
2. The application of low frequency ultrasound waves makes the treatment painless and absolutely safe.
3. Compared to other non-surgical treatments, U-Lipo is much more affordable.


Endermology uses a vacuum suction to deeply massage the subcutaneous tissue (the innermost skin layer) and skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, the effects are temporary and you may require multiple treatments.


1. It is painless since it is non-invasive procedure
2. Stimulates the fat cells and increases production of elastin and collagen
3. Sculpts your figure and firms your skin


Mesotherapy is a non-surgical weight loss method that aims to melt fat using injections. It is increasingly popular. A solution comprising of natural nutrients breaks down the fat cells which your body later gets rid of.


1. The procedure is non-invasive
2. No general anaesthesia is needed
3. Boosts blood circulation in the treated areas
4. If combined with a healthy lifestyle, effects can be long-lasting

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