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Mommy Makeover

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Dr. Ajaya Kashyap 91% (662 ratings)
American Board of Plastic Surgery, , American Board Of General Surgery, MS - Dermatology, M.B.B.S
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I’m doctor Ajay Kashyap. U.S board certified in plastic surgery and medical director of Kaiz Medical Centre. today we will be talking about mommy makeover. Once a women have job becoming a mother once, twice or thrice and also many times her body undergoes a lot of changes some of them desirable and some of them you would like to turn back clock on having completed their families a lot of mothers comes for post pregnancy and post-delivery plastic surgery and usually we delay this time the family has been completed and few months have gone by the lactation has gone and so on. Various part of the body that undergo changes are the breast the abdomen the rest of the body that fats may accumulate the skin may have got very more veins or may have pigmentations on the face or may have some other problems with the skin texture and the youth fullness of the skin.

Fortunately, most of them are reversible by mommy makeover procedure. Let’s, first talk about the abdomen which undergoes the maximum changes because of the increase in volume with the baby the skin expands and never contracts back. The muscles which are kind of the vertical muscles of getting separated, there is the gap created between the two of them. Also, ladies get the marks on the abdomen from the stretching of the abdomen also called the stretch marks. These can also be improved when we do surgical procedures like abdominoplasty or tummy tuck and other things that happen are an increase in fat in certain areas especially the thighs, the abdomen and sides. You can do liposuction buttocks, augmentation or liposuction to make the body more shapely again. The abdomen can be shaped as I said by abdominoplasty if the skin is actually that loose and in that situation the excess skin is removed the muscles which are separated are tightened again and you can have a very nice youthful looking abdomen afterwards the scar hide within the underwear or the bikini line and the shape of the abdomen improves from both sides and also from the front become tighter and much more shapely.

Often times it is better what it used to be before the babies came along now the other procedures that we do are for the breasts and what happens with breast they increase in size because of lactation and then go down in size sometimes, they go down a lot and sometimes not too much and sometimes too much so the procedure required is the breast lift breast augmentation may increase in size. So they can attain more statistically pleasing size or breast lift which is master pixy. Breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction all three could be required depending on the situation of the individual. Breast augmentation is for the ladies who lost a lot of volumes. Lift for the patients who just have droopy breasts, reduction for ladies who gain a lot of volumes which never went back. Sometimes we do total body contouring when we are doing mommy makeover including breast, abdomen, thighs, sides and sometimes even buttocks .the another part of mommy makeover is the skin care and sometimes care of the Uro-genital parts some ladies develop a little stress on continence after having had babies ,all these can correct with non-surgical treatments like thermi tight or thermiVA , thermiVa is specific radiofrequency treatment that increases the tone of the private parts as well as increases the lubrication and it can also decrease the size of the labia. A surgical procedure is also available to achieve all these three things, the other treatments can be for stretch marks, varicose, pigmentation cellular loose skin those all include treatments with the procedures like lasers chemical pills and so on

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