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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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MS - Orthopaedics, MNAMS (Membership of the National Academy) (General Surgery) , DNB (Orthopedics), MBBS
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Hi friends,

Myself Dr. Sunny Chopra, Orthopedist. So, today we will discuss about spine minimal invasive spine surgery and it is mostly done by the percutaneous endoscopy. In today's era we having a quiet lifestyle dysfunction and all that and we having a common problem is back pain. Let let let I explain each and everything. This is a spine and this all the vertebrae of spine and in between the vertebrae there are the discs which are present in the spine. So in today's era while we going for forward bending and lifting heavy weights like in patients in gymnasium, young athlete or in old age patients, we having a common spine problem is there.

So, in that cases disc is protruding the nerve and that leads to pain in our legs and pain related from back to leg leads to paraesthesia, tingling, numbness and all other symptoms that leads to difficulty in doing the daily activity like walking, running and in old age the nerve get saturated and that leads to claudication in the lower limb. So we having a quiet scareness and also fear of spine surgeries and all that ki spine ke surgery ke baad pairon me lakwa maar jaega or urine or stool me koi dikkat ayegi but ab koi ghabrane vali baat ni hai.

Ab spine ke andar hmare pass vo upchar agye hai, jisse ki hum 8 ghante se 10 ghante ke baad chalna shuru kar sakte hai. Isme humko koi patient ko behosh karne ki zarurt ni hai. This happen only in local anaesthesia. Koi muscle cut ni hai, koi blood loss ni hai, koi humara cheera faadi ka kaam nahi hai. Humko sirf patient ko subah admit karna hai or 8 ghante baad hum patient ko chala dete hai or 24 ghante ke baad patient chutti hojati hai. Koi muscle cut ni hai, koi blood loss ni hai, koi anaesthesia ni hai. Patient jagta rehta hai, humse baat karta rehta hai or hum uski surgery karte hain. Basically patient humara aisa letta hai but we lie the patient in prone position and we put a endoscope over this area and we release all the material aage se disc, piche se ligaments, apka foremen ligament. We remove the ligament flavum all that.

Local anaesthesia me hum ye pura surgery karte hai. 90,95 years ke bhi old patient jinme hum surgery karne se ghabrate hai, vo patient bhi hum doorbeen dwara endoscopy dwara kar sakte hai. The motto is that ki the element which are producing the pain in the spine which are disc, posterior element, apka maspeshiya, your ligament flavum thickening, these all the structure which producing the pain. Plus jo aap ye dekh rahe hai flaccid joint, ye bhi pain produce karte hain. To we do Foraminoplasty also. Is foraminoplasty ke andar hum is foramen me jo structures hai unko hum radio frequency se ablate kardete hai. Then we do endoplasty also and simultaneously this whole procedure leads to foramano decompression, nerve decompression, neurolysis leading to fusion and we don't do any posterior stabilization and posterior fixation. We put the patient on spine rehabilitation, spine physiotherapy for atleast 2-3 weeks.

We have done at least 30-35 cases of this endoscopy spine procedure and we thanks to our God almighty and we thanks to our well wishers that we achieve a 100% success rate in these cases. We just want to give the strong message to the viewers don't get scared of spine surgery. In today's era and in previous era, in today's era we having a minimal invasive spine. We don't want to anaesthise the patient, we have to local anaesthesia, we didn't muscle cut, we didn't has scare of blood loss, we didn't get scared of neurological compromise, we walk the patient within 8 to 10 hours and we having a myth of spine surgery. So don't get scared of spine and all that.

Thank you

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