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I am Dr. Mansi Sanghvi, Dermatologist. Today I will talk about the commonest pigmentation that we find in Indian population and it is called melasma. &0-75% of the women are effected to the malesma. The cause of this problem is hormonal imbalance. This problem is usually seen after pregnancy, abortion or after taking contraceptive pills. I also have seen few of the patiets in mid 20s and 50s. Sun exposure is the another cause. One should avoid frequent scrubbing when they have melasma. Sometimes, home remedies and over the counter medicines can give you burns over the skin.

What are the treatment option we have for melasma. But melasma cannot be cured. Sunscreen can prevent melasma from coming back. You need to use SPF above 40 and this is specially for Indian skin. Sometimes, infrared rays also effects your skin. Use good moisturizer. As per your skin and texture we prescribe you the medicines. We also give you the laser treatments which helps in lightening the skin. But it is important for you to go to the good dermatologist. So, be very careful while choosing your Dr and the right centre. If you have any further question regarding melasma, pigmentation, hair loss or any other skin related problem, you can consult me through Lybrate.

Thank You.

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