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Management Of Obesity In Siddha!

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Siddha Specialist, Chennai  •  46years experience
Management Of Obesity In Siddha!

Obesity is defined as excessive or abnormal fat accumulation that is likely to pose various health risks, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. For a person to be obese, one has to have a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 30.

Erratic diet, lack of physical activity, and sedentary lifestyle combined together can cause you to put on excess weight, eventually leading to obesity. Sometimes, the condition can be genetic – it may pass on from your parents, or from someone in the family. Other causes of obesity include underlying health issues, like PCOD and hypothyroid. Obesity could lead to serious complications, if not managed early.

What is Siddha
Siddha is a traditional medicinal system having its origin in the southern part of India. The principles of Siddha are – it aims to cure diseases and illnesses not only by addressing physical symptoms but also by treating your soul and mind.

According to the Siddha system, diseases are caused when the normal balance of the three elements, namely Vatham, Pitham, and Kapham is disrupted. It is also believed in Siddha that lifestyle and diet play a vital role not only in health but also in treating ailments.

Dietary Tips for Obesity Management in Siddha -

Natural ingredients incorporated in your daily diet can help you lose excess fat. Here is what you can do to manage obesity –


  • Minimise intake of rice
  • Avoid snacks, dairy products and fried items.
  • Avoid excess intake of nuts
  • Soak a handful of dry grapes in a glass of water overnight and consume them the next morning
  • Take in portions of raw onion, daily
  • Soak some horse gram in water and drink it away
  • Mix a few drops of honey with a glass of lukewarm water and consume the same on an empty stomach every morning
  • Squeeze few drops of lemon with green tea and drink it
  • Consume turmeric powder mixed in warm water
  • Take powdered Seenthil Kodi with a glass of warm water
  • Drink the juice of Aloe Vera

Yoga for Obesity in Siddha -
Certain yoga postures and asanas work great for reducing body fat. Siddha system recommends practicing the following yoga postures to live a healthier life –

• Padahastasanam
• Trikonasanam
• Garudasanam
• Utkatasanam
• Chakrasanam
• Villasana-Dhanurasanam
• Naukasanam
• Pawanmuktasanam
• Bhujangasanam
• Setu Bandhasanam

In addition to these, Siddha principles offer a few lifestyle management tips to treat obesity and increase longevity. These include –

• Consume food only when you are hungry
• Avoid consuming food that has been prepared a day earlier
• Take short walks post-dinner
• Restrain from sleeping during the daytime
• Take a bath in warm water and oil once every four days

Siddha medicinal system is one of the earliest practices in India. The remedies date back to centuries. The treatment has been recognized as an effective alternative approach for obesity with zero side effects. With these simple dietary and lifestyle hacks, you may be able to lose weight and reduce your risk of obesity-related complications.

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