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Male Menopause - Can Homeopathic Remedies Help Treat it?

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Male Menopause - Can Homeopathic Remedies Help Treat it?

Do men encounter a comparable physiological stage to what women encounter amid menopause? Alluded to as 'andropause', 'male menopause', 'man-opause', and all the more as of late, 'low T', is called as Andropause or male menopause. In any case, while all women experience menopause, not all men encounter andropause.

What Is Andropause?
Andropause is a slow, enduring disease in the male hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone. Testosterone naturally diminishes as men age, yet in andropause (therapeutically characterized as 'hypogonadism'), levels of the hormone drop below the ordinary range for a given age, commonly in moderately aged men.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Level:
Do low level of testosterone deliver symptoms in moderately aged men? Actually, the exemplary symptoms were initially perceived over 70 years prior when two American physicians, Carl Heller, MD, and Gordon Myers, MD, demonstrated the adequacy of testosterone treatment for symptoms of weakness, discouragement, fractiousness, low sex drive, erectile brokenness, night sweats and hot flashes in men.

Why Do Hormones Drop?
There are various elements that can prompt to low testosterone:

  1. Obesity, diabetes and insulin resistanceThe level of aggregate and free testosterone is decreased in large men in extent to the level of heftiness. Weight reduction alone has been appeared to build testosterone levels by 50 percent.
  2. Chronic aggravation: Insulin resistance is the key figure creating quiet irritation and lifted levels of high-affectability C-responsive protein (hs-CRP), a marker of aggravation that can be measured by a blood test.
  3. Increased introduction to xenoestrogens: Certain mixes found in nourishment and the environment can increase the impacts of estrogen in men, in this manner decreasing testosterone creation. These "xenoestrogens" incorporate pesticides, phthalates from plastics, tobacco smoke side effects, substantial metals, and solvents.
  4. Lack of physical movement: Participating in consistent episodes of short, extreme work out, particularly weight lifting, is one of the speediest approaches to support testosterone.
  5. StressIt negatively affects testosterone levels by expanding the arrival of the adrenal hormone cortisol.

Homeopathic Medicines for Andropause: (Medicines should be taken on proper prescription of Doctor)

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Suma
  3. Avena sativa
  4. Maca
  5. Catuaba
  6. Tongkat ali
  7. Muira puama

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