Major Causes Of Piles In Daily Lifestyle

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Hello Everyone,

I am Dr. Avaneesh Hasiza. I am a Consultant General and Endoscopic Surgeon at Utkarsh Speciality Clinic in Gurgaon.

So today I am going to discuss about piles or hemorrhoids what we call in medical terms. Piles are inflamed or abnormal veins, dilated veins in the anal canal. In piles, usually the main cause is chronic constipation or there can be many causes. They can be hereditary also. The main cause is constipation. So constipation occurs because whenever there is lack of fibres in the dietary intake, there is inadequate water intake in the body or inadequate what you say lack of fibres in the diet or inadequate water intake so constipation, it causes. It is the cause of piles. So piles can be of various degrees.

There are 4 degrees of piles and the frequency of piles, in the initial degrees we can treat it with medications and the dietary lifestyle modifications but in the higher degrees or when the initial degrees when the medical treatment fails, we have to undergo for the surgical treatment. Surgical treatment of piles, there are various methods for surgical treatment of piles. The conventional surgery as we all know we used to cut the piles dilated veins and remove the piles by the piles mask but that used to leave a large wound in the anal region.

You know that it used to take a long time to heal, so before the treatment one should also mention about the symptoms of piles. Usually patients suffer and complain of bleeding through the rectal region, pain while passing stools. There is mask coming out of the anal region which sometimes regresses itself sometimes it has to be reduced with the fingers and the treatment as I told earlier in the conventional treatment removal of files mask it is a conventional hemorrhoidectomy that used to leave the wounds large phone that takes around a month to heal and it is a concern for the patient that is used to bleed as well as it causes pain and the latest advent of technique of treatment of Piles is stapled hemorrhoidectomy. Indus technique there are many advantages of this dectomy.

We use a circular stapler specialised instrument pph which we used to treat the piles. With this technique there is no wound outside we use the circular stapler Bee removal circumferential strip of main kosa which Cuts of the blood supply of the piles and the piles they shape back to its normal Anatomical position and if any external competitor of piles it means it will regret over a period of 3 to 6 months. The advantages of this technique there is minimal or no pain after the surgery there is minimal sometimes there is no bleeding after the surgery and the patient is very comfortable and then go back to his normal routine activities in a few days and the hospital stay for this surgery usually one day the patient can be discharged on the same day itself.

And after the surgery there is not a long-term medication required and the patient is very comfortable and can go back to the normal work and there is no difficulty in passing stool after the surgery itself.

In case you feel any difficulty are you want to clarify things you can connect with me. I am Dr. Avaneesh Hasiza you can connect with me at Utkarsh speciality clinic which is located in Sector 46, Gurugram, behind Guda market.


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