Lubricants - How They Are Beneficial?

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Lubricants - How They Are Beneficial?

Reduction in natural vaginal lubrication is very common and also a pertinent intimate life deterrent. While the reasons may vary from hormonal imbalance, side effects of certain medication, pregnancy, stress or dehydration, this problem can be easily solved by opting for an external lubricant.

What are the various functions of a vaginal lubricant?

  1. Lubes are readily available in supermarkets or drugstores nowadays and they help alleviate this embarrassing problem of not lubricating naturally.
  2. While the problem of vaginal dryness is more common among older women, lubricants also enhance sexual pleasure. So it is gradually emerging as an item that an increasing number of younger women are opting for these days.
  3. Besides restoring normalcy to sexual intercourse, it also eliminates unnecessary friction and pain in the vagina, re-stimulates blood flow to the vagina, and retains elasticity of vaginal walls.
  4. Lubricants often act as cushion during harder thrusts.
  5. Even if you lubricate well enough naturally, it may happen that you dry up after considerable time, during the session. A lubricant becomes a handy tool when you want to go on.

How should you choose amongst the various kinds of lubricants available in the market?
While people still use easily available lubricants like petroleum jelly, butter, lotions and baby oil, it is better to avoid these, given the amount of adulteration in such products today. Unsafe lubricants can lead to further unwanted and serious complications which are best avoided.
1. There are many kinds of lubricants water based, with or without glycerine, silicone, natural oil based, synthetic oil based, which are better that others.
2. While purchasing one for yourself, you must make sure you are comfortable with the viscosity and whether it is safe for internal administration.
3. Some of them are easier to use with latex condoms, like the water based lubricant. Some like the silicone lubricant lasts longer.

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